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We deliver value to businesses crafting E-learning Systems and delivering improved learning experiences. With 250+ professionals in our team and 17+ years of experience under our name, we have witnessed the shifts and transformations each industry has undergone, including the online e learning system.

This experience alongside our hands-on expertise in diverse ERP technologies and our drive for innovation makes us the perfect ERP implementation partner for your elearning software development services. You can simply connect with our team, share your custom requirements, and let our team take care of the rest for you.

Our ERP Offerings

We prioritize aligning the various ERP modules and features for Elearning Solutions Company so you can address the challenges you are currently facing and build a resilient solution for your business. Explore our ERP offerings for a deep understanding of how team BiztechCS can help you attain improved control over your business operations.

LMS Integration

LMS Integration

We enable seamless integration of ERP with existing LMS eLearning platforms, synchronization of student data and course content, and much more. Your custom elearning solutions will be streamlined for performance by our ERP experts so you don’t have to worry about managing data.
  • Integration with existing LMS
  • Improved analytics and reporting
  • Synchronization of data (course content, grades, and student data)
Resource Management

Resource Management

Keep track of all your resources in real time as you have complete access and visibility on resource allocation and utilization. Let BiztechCS be your implementation partner and help with complete management of inventory, tasks, and assets.
  • Allocation and management of resources (hardware and software, classrooms, books, etc.)
  • Asset tracking and maintenance
  • Inventory management for administrative supplies
Collaboration and communication

Collaboration and communication

At BiztechCS, we empower businesses to do more than just delivering courses through elearning software solutions. Our ERP expertise can help you improve your internal as well as external communications as we integrate collaboration and communication tools to help with the same.
  • Group project management
  • Chat rooms, discussion forums, instant messaging systems
  • Virtual classrooms, video conferencing
Content Management System

Content Management System

Manage your content seamlessly with a content management system integrated to your elearning training solutions. Onboard the right talent with BiztechCS and get complete support for integration of a content management system.
  • Storing and managing learning content
  • Content authoring tools integration
  • Access permissions and version control

ERP Benefits Facilitating eLearning Development Services

Intensify business growth and put your elearning business forward with robust ERP systems in place. Harness the power of various ERP modules and create a connected system that delivers value to your students.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management

Strengthen customer relationships by tracking course preferences, learning preferences, and feedback to provide personalized services to learners, and more. With ERP for customized elearning solutions, mitigate pain points of your audience and elevate customer loyalty and service.
Project Management

Project Management

From creating a new course for students to managing administrative tasks, the project management module of ERP helps with setting up project milestones, budgets, and timelines. It also facilitates resource allocation capabilities to ensure your project is finished within the stipulated time and budget.
Streamlined Administrative Process

Streamlined Administrative Process

Get complete assistance to not just operate your administrative tasks seamlessly but also reduce the burden of redundant manual tasks. Leverage the ERP system to your advantage and reduce manual errors, improve accuracy, and automate various tasks of handling student data.
Security and Data Privacy

Security and Data Privacy

Implementing a powerful ERP system suggests the protection of sensitive data through robust security measures. You can easily manage user access and ensure data is made available to authorized personnels only. It also helps you comply with various privacy regulations such as CCPA, GDPR, and so on.
Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Make impactful decisions for your eLearning business with real-time data from analytics and reporting module in the best ERP for financial services. Track KPIs and metrics and make decisions that can be fruitful for your business in the long run with integration of an ERP. Let our experts optimize the analytics and reporting module for you to get you started.
Streamlined Operations

Streamlined Operations

Unite your various operations (inventory, finance, production, and sales) and manage from a centralized ERP platform while ensuring smooth interactions and hassle-free communication. Reduce manual tasks with automation, minimize errors, and speed up the process from order processing to delivery.
Elearning businesses can leverage our distinguished expertise when it comes to ERP and customize highly resilient solutions to boost sales and business productivity.


Partnering with BiztechCS enables you to harness the power of leading Enterprise Resource Planning software solutions. Boost your business productivity and ROI as you choose your preferred ERP for a complete revamp of your business processes.

  • Odoo
  • Dynamics
  • Salesforce
  • ERPNext
  • Oracle Netsuite
  • SAP

Why Should You Partner With BiztechCS?

Our skilled and seasoned developers alongside our specialization with ERPs make us a distinguished name in the industry. Let’s explore the various reasons that set us apart from the rest.

Data Privacy and Security


When we work with you, we maintain complete confidentiality for your data. The information is shared only with the respective project members and no unauthorized personnel. We also adopt stringent security practices to keep your data and application safe.

Skilled Development Team


We have a reputed development and ERP team at BiztechCS who help you with your end-to-end software development needs. Our team helps you manage the technical aspects and assists with project management, maintenance, and support.

Continuous Innovation


When you connect with BiztechCS for any of your fintech-related operations, you can expect the best outcomes as our team is continuously upgrading their skills and learning new technologies and trends to innovate futuristic products and services.

Real-Time Project Tracking


Track your project progress in real time. We are completely transparent about the project's progress and help you communicate freely with our team. You can simply connect with our team for further feedback and ask our team to work on it.

Long-Term Partnership


We have fostered long-term partnerships with our clients through our dedication and continuous learning. It makes us a trusted and credible agency for implementing and customizing financial ERP software. You can also ask us to take care of your end-to-end fintech needs repeatedly, should you need our assistance.

24 x 7 Customer Support


Our team of experts is available 24/7 to help with any support and maintenance requirements you have for your modular kitchen business. Our technical experts will be by your side throughout and even after deployment to address any critical issues.
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Our persistence and enthusiasm to work with technologies have helped us go above and beyond our client’s expectations. Here, explore many of our successful projects which digitally transformed businesses.



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Effective Ventures

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Legal Network International

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What Is E-Learning Software?

An eLearning software helps you deliver online learning and training services to students and employees either through a curated course content or virtual classrooms.

What Are The Features of online e learning system?

Attractive interface, course creation, responsive design, gamification, analytics, custom learning, multilingual support are some noteworthy features of an online elearning system.

How To Implement learning Solutions for Students?

Define learning goals, evaluate readiness, identify the tasks to automate, create multi-format digital content, and overcome implementation challenges for improved learning solutions.

Online e learning system is Benefical for Students?

Yes, it is beneficial for individuals who are comfortable with virtual classrooms or want to learn in their own pace. It also gives them exclusive access to self-assessment tests to evaluate their learning and progress.

Does BiztechCS offer ERP for elearning solutions?

Yes, we can provide ERP consulting, development, implementation, and migration services.

Does BiztechCS provides customized elearning solutions ?

Absolutely! With over 17+ years of experience in the industry, we excel in delivering customized eLearning solutions.

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We help businesses like you expand their growth with the power of technology. Our world-class team of agile enabled innovators help you extend your tech capacity with advanced technologies and processes. To see it in action, let’s connect today and initiate the discussion.