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Inter Flag

Inter Flag


Inter Flag is an online flag store based in Dutch selling advertising flags to resellers. We created a custom online store for them in Odoo V8 and configured the website theme for multiple domains along with custom functionalities.


HTML5, Odoo, PostgreSQL, Python

Project Highlights

We have been building our company from the start based on Odoo and are very happy with this choice. Unfortunately, development in my country was very slow and extremely expensive since we are very demanding in our needs. As a result, we were very limited in achieving our dreams. After looking around (also in India) we had many disappointments. The disappointment ended when we found Biztech. They made everything possible. Also, their prices are honest, from beginning to end. Often at times we experienced prices start favorable, and then hours start beginning to sound questionable in later stages of development. With Biztech, this never seems to be the case. I can imagine they keep their clients for the long run. Do mind that you don't get carried away by their endless customizing skills. At some point when you go too far any upgrade will be a nightmare.

The Challenges

Multi-Store Support

The main challenge was to implement the multi-website support for Odoo V8 which was not available in the version.

Product Configurator

The client wanted a product configuration to allow customers to select from the predefined flag options to get the product they wanted.

Mega Menu

It was challenging to create a mega menu to manage product categories for all domains separately. It was required for each item in the mega menu to have a dynamic image for better explanation.

Online Flipbook Integration

The client wanted an online flipbook interface for showcasing their brochure.

Weather App Integration

It was required to integrate a weather app to track if the weather is appropriate to erect flag.

Website Sales Bifurcation

Sales orders from the website were to be organized in a different menu to easily identify the orders from different channels and process them accordingly.

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The Solutions

Multi-Website Design

To make the client’s website compatible with multiple domains we created a theme that configures multiple domains.

Product Configurator

The product configurator helps customers to select predefined parameters and upload their own custom designs for order.

Mega Menu

We created a mega menu for managing product categories and went a step ahead and added dynamically changing images for each menu item.

Wow Book API Integration

To showcase client’s brochure we created a custom flipbook app (which the client calls Wow Book). Customers can flip through and even download for printing.

BetterWeather API Integration

Integrated BetterWeather API to the website to help customers identify the right weather for putting up flags.

Website Sales Module

With our custom developed module, the client can track orders generated from website separately and fulfill those orders accordingly.

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