Hire Dedicated Developers to Upscale your Business

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Hire Dedicated Developers to Upscale your Business1

To stay ahead of the competition, businesses need to make their online presence stronger. To do so, they need to build various applications, websites, have stronger social media presence, etc. All these things help them stand ahead of the competition and increase their global reach. To develop these things businesses need to hire a dedicated team who helps them with their development and build stronger social media presence.

Dedicated team will provide your business with all the necessary IT support. So, if you are planning to grow your online presence, develop applications, and wondering whether you should hire dedicated developers or not, you are at the right place. Herein, we will discuss everything about dedicated developers and why you should hire them.

What is Dedicated Developers Model?

Dedicated development team model means that company hires remote employees to develop their projects. Companies sign contracts with dedicated developers that state all the requirements, deadlines, project roadmap, budget calculations, etc. to provide more clarity to developers. Once remote workers sign the contract, experts become a part of a regular company’s team and after the project is over the contract also ends. You can also hire freelancers who work with other dedicated developers and help you to fulfill the projects.

When can you Hire Dedicated Developers:


Shortage of Skilled Developers:

Tech industry is changing rapidly and every day there is a new technology which is coming into the light. With plenty of options available in the market and constant competitive market, any developer cannot know all the latest technologies and programming languages. There will always be a shortage of skilled developers as often different projects will have different requirements. In such scenarios hire dedicated developers who will help you with developing software. These developers will work with your team and develop applications along with your full-time developers.

Hence, whenever your project demands new technologies which your in-house developers cannot fulfill, you can easily hire dedicated developers.

Projects with Unclear Scope:

Many times we take up projects but lack market research and this leads to lack of clarity about the scope of the project and so they end up taking plenty of time. In such scenarios, you can hire dedicated developers who can devote their time and efforts for longer periods of time. Additionally, they are also less expensive compared to freelancers. With dedicated developers you can pay according to their working hours and efforts and they are also flexible with the development process which allows you to make last minute changes in the projects if and when needed.

Projects with Limited Scope:

You can hire a dedicated developer when you think there is less scope of your project, need some last minute changes, quickly add new features and roll them out, or when the in-house team is busy with some other project. These are some of the scenarios where dedicated developers can help you.

Long Run Maintenance:

Different projects demand different skilled developers so the size of the team keeps changing depending on it. Sometimes, certain projects also run for a longer period of time and if you put an in-house team in it there are chances they won’t be able to focus on other projects. Hence, you can out-source such time-consuming longer projects and the in-house team can focus on other projects.

Next up, let’s see why you should hire dedicated developers and major benefits it brings to your team.

Benefits of Hiring Dedicated Developers:


Cost Effective:

Hiring an employee requires plenty of investment, you will have to invest in training them, employee perks, providing systems to work, physical work space, etc. all these things require heavy investment. Whereas, if you hire a dedicated developer you can outsource the software development to them as they are less expensive. You don’t need to invest in any type of resources, instead just pay according to their working hours. You can also build long-term or short-term contracts with them depending on your project requirements and save some money.


Flexibility is one of the biggest advantages of hiring dedicated development teams as you can easily expand your project timelines. Each project module will require you to have a unique mix of developers, designers, product managers, QA, etc. so make sure that you have needed resources available.

Easy Management:

When you have an in-house team of developers you can outsource to an external development team. You are not required to coordinate with the entire team separately instead when you hire a dedicated team they will have a team lead with whom you will coordinate directly. You can ask them daily and weekly reports for the project and know about the efficiency and productivity of the team. Outsourcing the project helps you to easily manage and develop a product efficiently.

Increased Productivity:

The productivity of the team increases immensely once the development processes streamlines. Employees working in cross-functional teams can easily coordinate with each other and help to make the development process smoother. Having all team members on the same page and providing them with all recourses like time managment software helps developers to work efficiently.

Time Saver:

Many times there might be time crunch when we develop applications which results in delay in launching the products. This is when you need to have the right team of developers to meet the deadlines. You can hire multiple developers who can help you save time resourcing multiple developers for particular modules of software development. This will help you to save time and the team can timely deliver the products.


One of the biggest advantages of hiring a dedicated developer is you get field experts for particular domains which are helpful for your projects. It is better to research about the developers before you hire them as you will understand more about them. Once you get the perfect IT Company who can provide you with quality services you can sign the contract with them and have leading experts working for your project.

Risk Mitigation:

When working with experts you don’t have to worry about the quality of the final product. A dedicated team of developers will provide you tested and bug-free software which your users can use in their projects. Hence, decreasing all the risks and providing quality products.

24/7 Support:

Dedicated team will provide you with 24/7 support and help you when your team is facing any issues. They will provide you with a dedicated tech support team who will help you by providing solutions at each phase of the app development.

Next up is the major that is from where you can get dedicated developers who will help you with mobile app development.

Where can you Hire Dedicated Developers:


Search Engines:

This is the simplest way; you can go on a search engine and search for the best IT companies. Make a list of these companies and then shortlists some based on the research you have done. Further, based on the experiences and expertise of different companies you can make the decision about which company you want to work with. Once you finalize it, reach out to them, understand their process, terms and conditions, and if everything goes well, you can sign the contract with them.

Software Outsourcing Companies:

If you already have a pre-existing list of companies who you think are perfect for your business, you can reach out to them directly. Outsourcing companies will help you to find the perfect solution for your project and you can make the necessary changes when and where needed. These companies will provide you with the dedicated teams who will work with you, understand your requirements, and find a solution accordingly.


You can find IT companies from your references that can help you with building the right solution for your companies. Having a reference will help you to save some amount of money and guarantee you with quality work. Examine the requirements of the project and try to assess whether the IT company fulfills your needs or not.

Now comes a major question: how you can hire the best developers for your next project. So let’s discuss it:

How to Hire Best Dedicated Developers:



First step is to look at the portfolio of various companies and know about the scope of their work. Each company has a different scope of work and has different skilled people. You need to match their skill sets with your project requirements. Moreover, you can also ask for the feedback from their previous clients who can give you more clarity on whether you want to work with them or not.


Company’s expertise reflects the work of their developers, knowledge platforms, tools, and technologies. Developers of a good outsourcing company would be comfortable with top technologies, languages, databases, and latest tools which they use for project development.


Different companies have different work cultures depending on their location and country of origin. So, you might also face certain language barriers, time zone differences, and understanding for each other. In such scenarios, you need to give time to understand them and then if you feel comfortable you can move further to work with them.


Clear communication is the key to success for any company and their products. There has to be clear communication within the team and also a dedicated development team. Remember to have clear communication with other team members and also the outsourcing team.




There are plenty of companies who use dedicated team concepts and Basecamp, a Chicago based company is no different. With only 52 members they have products such as project management tool, which is a web application framework Ruby on Rails. They have many dedicated development teams all over the world who work to make the products better every day.


Alibaba is one of the largest ecommerce companies and has a huge marketplace. They work with a local dedicated team of developers where the key idea is to assign websites to local dedicated development teams in order to get best localization for each region.


Microsoft owned Skype is available in 108 languages and provides instant messaging services. They have over 1.55 billion users and less than 1700 regular employees. There are many organizations that work on it exclusively. Business operations, development vendor, legal support companies, and customer support aggregator are some of them which work exclusively on the Skype team.


Now you have full clarity on why, where, and how you can get dedicated developers. With the help of a dedicated team, most of your headache will go away and will help your businesses to expand. Develop market standard features for your application and expand your business. If you are planning to get your business online and are looking to hire dedicated developers, you can reach out to us. We have helped many businesses with software development, grow their business and increase their sales. Interested in human sources? Start an HR career.

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