Odoo 15: Expected Features

Hiral Thaker

By : Hiral Thaker

Odoo 15: Expected Features1

When it comes to ERP solutions, the first name which strikes us is Odoo. Its features like easy customization, open-source, intuitive and easy navigation, best use of AI, and advanced technology make it the first choice of many businesses. They revolutionized the way businesses work and helped streamline processes.

Last year they launched some really amazing features with Odoo 14, which helps many organizations. Like every year, this year too, we are excitedly waiting for Odoo 15 and there is quite a buzz for the expected features. If you, too, are wondering what to expect in Odoo 15 then here’s your complete guide.

Let’s begin:

Odoo 15 Expected Features:


Editable Graphs and Pivot View:

In the latest release, users can easily edit and view graphs in different ways like bar graphs, pie charts, line graphs, etc. Different ways to view graphs help you view them according to your choice and sort them in ascending or descending order.

Import Screen:

There is a new import screen view in Odoo 15. The major highlight of this feature is that while importing invoices, it has other additional features like cash rounding, currency exchange rate, etc. Compared to the previous version, Odoo 15 allows you to import data in batches, making it easy to search and segregate whenever needed.

HTML Editor:

One of the Odoo 15 features is the new HTML editor; it is a text editor for designing web pages. This new feature will allow developers to enhance their development and add different modules whenever they need.

Point of Sale Coupons and Promotions:

Coupons and promotions are the major part of sales as it helps businesses to retain customers. In the new release, there is the expectation that this feature will allow users to generate various types of coupons and promotions for points of sales. To develop coupons, you need to set the quality, minimum amount to purchase, reward, discount percentage, validity, etc. Once businesses generate coupons and promotions, they can email them to users from the backend directly.

Redesign eCommerce Page:

There is the expectation that the eCommerce page might get a new look with a detailed description of the product, easy add-to-cart options, multiple payment modules, etc.

Businesses can also add detailed descriptions about their products which helps users understand the product better in more detail before making any decisions.

Odoo 15

Project Burndown Chart:

This feature is in the reporting menu, which makes it easy to access. It helps managers understand how much percentage of a project is finished and pending helps streamline the process and make sure that everyone is on the same page.

New Inventory Adjustment View:

Businesses can view inventory details; there are certain new features like history and differences. History helps you know the timestamp of various products like their sales, purchase, etc., giving you a detailed overview of things.

The difference helps you to know the amount of stock remaining in the inventory and whether the sales are profit or loss.

New Inventory Adjustment View

OWL Sheet 2.0:

There is an expectation of much-needed Microsoft Excel integration. With the Excel integration, businesses can develop and enter data directly and carry out necessary calculations. No more need to import or export CSV files or worry about data duplications.


The expected features of Odoo 15 are exciting and will redefine ERP software. Share with us the feature you are most interested in and why. Additionally, if you plan to integrate an ERP system into your business and hire Odoo developers, you can connect with us. We have helped many businesses to customize and set up ERP systems in their organization.
Last but not least, Odoo is planning to release its latest Odoo 17 update. You can expect the update to roll out in November 2023. Keep an eye out in our blogs for the latest insights on the latest Odoo version.

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