Ovivo: Digitizing Water Treatment Solutions with Robust Web Application

Ovivo is a Canada-based supplier of solutions for the treatment of water, wastewater, and ultrapure water. With years of experience, they have been serving in more than 15 countries worldwide. They are widely known for offering water treatment solutions that are environmentally sustainable, energy-efficient, and cost-effective. We help WaterExpert leverage technology efficiently to manage their water treatment plants with IIoT. Being one of our oldest clients we handle multiple business aspects for them. From developing and designing their website to mobile app, we’ve been their one-stop-shop for all the technological requirements.


We have a long-standing history with Ovivo and are their technical partner. It used to be difficult for them to manage large amounts of data, get real-time information of different plant locations, make more informed and quick decisions, and much more. Understanding these problems, we proposed to develop web applications using the latest technologies like IIOT, SCADA, NodeJS, etc., and build centralized systems. Our developed application helped them to streamline their business processes, enhance customer journey, and use real-time data to make quick decisions. Moreover, we have also helped them automate most of their manual tasks like customer on-boarding, assigning equipment and machinery, easy access to vast array of data, and more.

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Unstructured data, no real-time information, lack of management

Being an enterprise company, Ovivo was facing plenty of challenges to manage their water-based plants located across the globe. They had a large amount of unstructured data, lack of real-time information of their plants, chaos in managing different plant locations, increased manpower, etc.

These challenges resulted in unsatisfied customers, delay in decision making, decrease in revenue, heavy investment in resources, etc. Following is the list of major challenges which were faced by our client:

  •  Unstructured and decentralized data and information
  •  No real time information of any plants and its equipment
  •  Time consuming to search data
  •  Expensive manpower for checking every equipment
  •  Difficulty in decision making
  •  Manual management of customer information, equipment, and inventory


CRM implementation, centralized management, real-time information

After understanding all the challenges, we proposed to our client to develop web applications in which they can digitize all the data in a structured format and make it accessible centrally. To manage all this data we have developed and implemented custom modules in SuiteCRM. This makes it easy for our client to access the data from anywhere at any time. Another important feature we implemented was allowing customers to set thresholds dedicated to each parameter. When this moves above the predefined threshold, users will immediately get push notifications and SMS. This real-time information gains their attention and helps them make quick decisions.

We developed a unique feature using SCADA integrations which makes communication easy between mobile applications and assigned machines i.e. capturing 1000+ results per second. All this data is reflected in the users’ dashboard in real-time, resulting in taking quick decisions when needed.


  •   Real time notifications and alerts in case of emergency
  •   Real time dashboard updates of different parameters
  •   Centralized information of all plants
  •   Access data and keep track of your plants anytime from anywhere
  •   Increase revenue and employee productivity


AngularJS, CakePHP, IIoT, Ionic, Node.js, ReactJS



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    Key Features

    • Data Management of Multiple Domains

      Data Management of Multiple Domains

      We implemented a multi-level solution that helps manage the global data using multiple domains from a single interface. This centralization of data required real-time data updates in each domain.

    • Data Management of Multiple Domains

      Real-Time Dashboards

      It is a role based real-time dashboard which showcases live data that is generated from the different water treatment machines and it is represented graphically on the dashboard.

    • Data Management of Multiple Domains

      Mobile Application

      We developed a mobile application for Android & iOS which will be used to track the details from anytime and anywhere from all the machines.

    • Data Management of Multiple Domains

      MQTT IoT Broker

      Our implemented MQTT IoT brokers helps in increasing the uptime. Additionally, AWS services provide all required services like message status, dashboards, etc. Each product has a standard timeline for manufacturing. As a result, the client receives the percentage of completion filed, which is used in the proposal module.

    • Data Management of Multiple Domains

      Smart Alert

      It works as a trigger when any result from any machine crosses the minimum or maximum threshold limit. This alert will be sent over Push Notification on the phone as well as over SMS.

    Technology Stack

    • Angular JS
    • Cake Php
    • IIoT
    • ionic
    • node js
    • ReactJS
    • SCADA Integration
    • Master Data Management

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