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Proofed, headquartered in the UK, is a distinguished provider of comprehensive proofreading services, targeting students, professionals, and business owners alike. With a robust presence in over 100 countries, their expertise is beyond question. Initially, Proofed operated with a “Pay as you go” model, mainly tailored for individual students. However, sensing an opportunity to cater to a larger market segment, they decided to include businesses and organizations, allowing for bulk work and document submissions. In pursuit of this ambition, they partnered with BiztechCS, aiming to leverage their technical prowess to turn their strategic plan into a reality.

BiztechCS came on board as a dedicated technological ally to Proofed. The primary objective was the integration of a “Pay upon invoice” system that would facilitate the processing of bulk work from businesses and organizations. This was merely the tip of the iceberg. BiztechCS embarked on a journey to transform Proofed’s website into a highly functional web application, including custom modules, an SEO-friendly design, CMS implementation, and a powerful shopping cart, among other features. This partnership, evolving over time, has resulted in multiple enhancements and iterations that have significantly improved the user experience, amplified Proofed’s operational efficiency, and most importantly, broadened their service spectrum.


Cloudflare Errors


Conversion from .doc to .docx format was hindered due to unexpected errors from Cloudflare services.

Website Navigation


Multiple flaws and API integrations were causing navigational difficulties for users on the website.

Payment Solutions


Facilitating easy and secure payments across different countries was a challenge due to varying national currencies.

Admin Operations


Organizational creation, pricing configuration, and tracking of admin activities needed to be simplified.

Feedback Display


The system required a mechanism for showing limited usage of certain offers, such as specific coupons.

Format Support


Supporting over 10 file formats and calculating price per word/page for each was a complex task.

Technology Stack

  • cakephp
  • html5


CLI Implementation

CLI Implementation

Implemented command line interface processes to enable .doc to .docx conversion, reducing Cloudflare errors.

Log Integration

Log Integration

Integrated log data from websites for high-level processes, making it easier to identify and resolve issues.

Stripe Integration

Stripe Integration

Implemented Stripe to allow users from different countries to make payments in their national currency.

Admin Enhancement

Admin Enhancement

Enabled admin to create organizations, set pricing, and track activities through an improved interface.

Usage Limitations

Usage Limitations

Incorporated a feature allowing admins to limit the usage of certain offers, such as coupons.

Format Integration

Format Integration

Integrated support for over 10 file formats with appropriate pricing calculation for each.



The screenshots vividly illustrate the breadth and depth of the transformation that Biztech ushered for Proofed. These snapshots provide glimpses of the user interface’s evolution – from a rudimentary platform to a vibrant, responsive, and user-friendly site. An array of integrated features, ranging from a powerful shopping cart to a highly customizable admin panel, are all designed to enhance user engagement and operational efficiency. Screenshots showcasing the revamped payment system effectively highlight the simplified process of making secure payments in the user’s national currency. The inclusion of support for multiple document formats, displayed in other images, underscores the increased accessibility and versatility that Proofed now offers to its customers. It’s a testament to the collaborative effort of Biztech and Proofed, and their shared commitment to delivering an unmatched user experience.

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  • Screenshot
  • Screenshot

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technical-support 1

Service Expansion

Successfully expanded Proofed’s services to businesses and organizations, increasing its customer base.

currency 1

Improved Conversion

Reduced Cloudflare errors and enhanced document format conversion increased overall user experience quality.

wallet 1

Payment Versatility

Users now enjoy secure payments in their national currency, reducing payment-related challenges.

user 1 (1)

Admin Efficiency

Enhanced admin operations have led to more efficient management and better organizational configurations.

offer 1

Offer Management

With limited usage functionality, admins have control over coupons and offers, allowing Proofed to ramp up marketing activities.

puzzle 1

Format Compatibility

Support for more than 10 file formats increased accessibility, enabling Proofed to serve a broader clientele.

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