Why CMS Is Essential

Anyone who owns a website knows that regular content updates is the key to making the website relevant for users and search engines. But static html sites are not update friendly. All changes have to be done manually on all pages separately by editing codes. A Content Management System (CMS) presents a much better and efficient way of updating and managing websites with a feature rich admin dashboard which gives admin the power to update any part of the website content without any coding.

Control Your Website


You can have better control over your website content with various functionalities and content management options.

Robust Security


A well developed CMS with proper security modules is generally more secure and less vulnerable to hacking attacks than static websites.

Add/Delete Pages Easily


Add or delete as many pages of content as possible. With most CMS applications, creating a new page is as effortless as clicking a button.

Additional Modules


Most CMS apps allow installation of third party modules, which helps adding any imaginable functionality to a website.

Better Presentation


A good CMS allows better content presentation resulting in better information dissemination & more aesthetic looks.



A CMS, with global options for meta tags and custom urls, is generally much more SEO friendly than a static HTML site.

Excellence In CMS

CMS development experts at Biztech create designer and exciting websites using the most popular CMS platforms on the web. The highlights of our CMS solutions include

Custom-made Design

Tailor-made designs for websites built in WordPress, Drupal and Joomla CMS

Customized Urls

Custom URLs that improve the search engine visibility and boost traffic.

Possibility For Expansion

Enough scope to expand the features of the website & scale it as per the needs of the organization.

Visual Editors

Feature rich WYSIWYG editors which directly display the pages as they appear in the front end.

User Friendly Admin UI

Easy to use and maintain admin User Interface that makes website maintenance a cakewalk.


Integrate your CMS with various other systems like CRM, online store, mobile apps, etc

CMS Offerings For All

Our CMS services span across the orb to help all sectors grow swiftly.


Beautiful designs created authentically, artistically and innovatively.


Development with robust solutions, features and functionalities.


Customization of solutions with improved ideas and concepts.


Constant check over the website’s performance with advanced features.

CMS Expertise, Well Served


Biztech has a mastery on the world’s most popular blogging cum CMS platform. We make custom designed wordpress website and enhance the functionality of the website through custom developed plugins.


Joomla is another popular CMS and especially suited for website with hundreds of pages and sections with user login options. We create custom designed and developed Joomla websites and online stores.


For most complicated website projects requiring various custom functionalities we go with Drupal as a CMS platform. Get robust and feature rich content websites with our Drupal design and development solutions.

Our Work

See our work! But before that, let us unfold that, whatever we create, leave lasting impressions on people. The bunch of our milestones is nicely depicted in the form of portfolio.

Our Awesome Clients


  • Biztech as a group defines what a software company should be. You and your team continue to stand head and shoulders above any other software vendors that we deal with as far as product development, quality of support, and knowledge of available technologies.

    Fernando Delgado

    CIO — El Camino Real Charter High School

  • We have been working with Biztech for over 4 years now and been impressed with their breath of knowledge, their can do attitude and the good communication skills. Biorbyt has completed over 100 small and large IT projects with Biztech ranging from HTML front end design to sophisticated back end integration. I would highly recommend Biztech.​

    Tillmann Ziegert

    Managing Director — Biorbyt Ltd

    Tillmann Ziegert
  • We hired Maulik and his team to maintain several wordpress blogs that we host. The Biztech team is highly knowledgeable in just about every web technology and works quickly to address any security issues or changes we need to the site. We completely trust the Biztech team with our clients projects.

    Mike Roberts

    Owner — Infinity Web Services

    Mike Roberts
  • We use Biztech for all our Website Design, website security, website server and website changes. We find the guys Exceptional at what they do. They will always complete tasks exactly how they were specified to do.

    Paul Clifford

    Business Development Manager — Medguard Healthcare Ltd

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