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At BiztechCS, our primary focus is offering functional and highly customized ERP software for schools. We have been providing our services to the education technology sector for over 17 years and employ more than 250 professionals who are ready to consider all the needs of educational institutions. Our ERP school management software is designed to help schools easily manage administrative issues, communicate more efficiently with all stakeholders, and increase efficiency in general. We take pride in providing the best school management software that helps institutions manage their resources well and devote more time to students. For schools that require ERP solutions in admission, fee management, or record-keeping, BiztechCS challenges itself to offer prompt and efficient solutions to clients.

School Management ERPs We Work With

Our dedicated team of engineers works hard to provide the best experience in implementing and integrating ERP systems, with hands-on experience in both open-source and proprietary technologies for seamless school management. As leading ERP implementation partners, we help achieve digital transformation by working with various ERP systems to revolutionize school management.



Odoo is a business management software suite that can help with eCommerce, accounting, manufacturing, warehouse management, project management, and more. As Odoo partners, we excel at customizing and implementing Odoo ERP and have developed themes and applications that streamline every process for you.
ERP Next

ERP Next

The web-based, open-source ERP software is built to accommodate the needs of small to medium-scale businesses. It assists companies with their various accounting, inventory, CRM, project management, and administrative needs. Get our seasoned developers onboard and integrate ERP with your Manufacturing Software System for a more streamlined process.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based ERP and CRM solution that can bring automation to your modular kitchen design software. Harnessing the potential of MS Dynamics, our team customizes a robust ecosystem where you can design and mass-produce modular kitchen units flexibly and affordably.


The cloud-based software solution is focused on elevating your customer experience, sales processes, eCommerce operations, marketing automation, and more. At BiztechCS, we have experts who have hands-on experience with Salesforce solutions and can help your business get the most out of it.

Our ERP Offerings

We focus on aligning various ERP modules and features for school management to address your current challenges and create a robust solution for your business. Explore our ERP offerings to gain a comprehensive understanding of how BiztechCS can help you achieve better control over your operations.

Real-time Data Records and Monitoring

Real-time Data Records and Monitoring

Our school ERP software offers real-time data records and monitoring, assuring each detail, like student information, attendance, or academic performance, is up-to-date. This capability makes our solution the best school management software, which enables us to provide reliable and relevant information about students' current status that helps administrators, teachers, and parents anytime. Through these features, it integrates the finest school ERP and has better productivity with superior transparency of school operations.
Data Safety

Data Safety

Our best school management software ensures the safety of schools' data by using advanced encryption methods to protect all sensitive information. Our best school ERP offers more security of data and personal details, protecting student records and financial information against unauthorized access and breaches. We prioritize data integrity and privacy, ensuring a safe digital environment for educational institutions.
Better Financial Management

Better Financial Management

With our ERP, users can handle their financial processes more effectively, avoiding mistakes and spending less time on them. In addition, by implementing the best school management software, you can control expenses, plan the budgets, and generate various financial reports for effective planning. Our best school ERP integrates with the existing systems to provide live updates, thus aiding the institutions in better managing resources and finances.
Financial Management

Online Fee Management

Our online fee management system, part of our best school management software, simplifies the fee collection process for educational institutions. As a feature of our best school ERP, it allows schools to manage payments, track outstanding fees, and generate detailed financial reports effortlessly. This solution not only reduces time but also brings accuracy and understanding to all financial transactions.
Streamlined School Operations

Streamlined School Operations

Our ERP for school management simplifies the daily running of the school as all the administrative responsibilities are well-contained in the software. Second, it assists with student intake, teacher assignments, and class schedules, which saves time on data entry and reduces errors. This results in some operational efficiencies and frees up time to address what is really important – teaching and learning.
Comprehensive Automated Solution for Reduced Workload

Comprehensive Automated Solution for Reduced Workload

Our school ERP management software streamlines numerous functions for staff, teachers, and parents in the school system. We have features such as online fee payment, transportation tracking, timetable, result generation, and library management to make everything go smoothly. This automation not only saves time but also improves efficiency and interaction at the school level
Educational institutions seeking to enhance their operations can use our exceptional expertise in school management ERP systems. We provide tailored, robust solutions designed to meet your specific needs.


Partnering with BiztechCS enables you to harness the power of leading Enterprise Resource Planning software solutions. Boost your business productivity and ROI as you choose your preferred ERP for a complete revamp of your business processes.

  • Odoo
  • Dynamics
  • Salesforce
  • ERPNext
  • Oracle Netsuite
  • SAP

Why Should You Partner With BiztechCS?

Our skilled and seasoned developers alongside our specialization with ERPs make us a distinguished name in the industry. Let’s explore the various reasons that set us apart from the rest.

Tailored Solutions


At BiztechCS, we offer customized ERP solutions that cater to the special needs of educational institutes. Our solutions adapt to different types and sizes of schools so that your institution-specific needs are met.  

Integration Capabilities


Our ERP software can integrate with other systems used by schools, such as accounting management solutions and learning platforms. This further enriches operational efficiency and data consistency capabilities.  

Comprehensive Features


BiztechCS's ERP solutions have many features, including student information management, attendance tracking, timetable scheduling, fee and expense management, and examination. This holistic approach maintains the synchronization and advancement of all school management components.  



With growth and change often comes greater demand, which can lead to school scalability issues. This is why our ERP for school management can scale up with your school as it grows, taking in more students and accommodating an expanding staff and functionalities without slowing down.

Agile Methodology


At BiztechCS, we use agile methodologies, which provide flexibility and efficiency to project management. This method allows us to work in iterations, get feedback, and deliver faster.  

24 x 7 Customer Support


We are here with a team of experts to look after maintenance and support 24/7 for all your school management support and maintenance needs. Our technical team will be with you all along and even after the deployment to assist in case of any critical problems.
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Effective Ventures

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What is ERP in school management?

ERP in school management can be defined as a comprehensive tool aimed at the organization of the administrative processes of a school, including admission, attendance, grading, and financial management. This consolidation of the different functions makes it easier and more efficient the running schools’ activities.

What are the benefits of an ERP system in a school?

In a school, an ERP system offers various advantages, such as better interaction between stakeholders, better information handling, and reduced paperwork. It also enables improved decision-making due to the use of real-time data analytics and reporting.

What is the ERP system in higher education?

In higher education, ERP software is a comprehensive solution that integrates various institutional processes such as admission, academics/education services, and financial management. It helps better use resources, improve student engagement, and ensure more robust regulatory compliance.

How does ERP work in a school management system?

An ERP system for school management centralizes information captured from different departments and organizes it in a single database for easy data sharing and process automation. This ensures that things like scheduling, grading, and reporting happen effectively.

Does BiztechCS provide ERP solutions for schools?

Yes, BiztechCS offers customized ERP solutions for schools that help them better manage their administrative and academic functions. Our solutions focus on increasing operational efficiency, facilitating better communication with clients, and ensuring more secure data.

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