ERP Talent from BiztechCS to Get Started

Hire the Best ERP Talent from BiztechCS to Get Started

Empower your visa management software with the right feature sets and improve communication and collaboration for your business process as you implement a Visa Management ERP System. Our dedicated team of ERP experts will help you in the process of selecting the right modules and implementing the appropriate features while maintaining complete security for your system. Regardless of the ERP system you choose, open-source or proprietary, or ask us to custom-build one for you, we can analyze your business requirements and gaps to curate the best ERP for your Visa management solution.

Our ERP Offerings

Explore the various ERP offerings available when you connect with team BiztechCS for your end-to-end ERP needs. With our comprehensive offerings, you will be able to elevate your Visa Management services and take them to the next level.

Tax Management

Tax Management

Right from managing taxes and abiding by the various laws based on jurisdictions to tax filing and report generation for individuals and companies, the ERP can provide you with comprehensive support covering all aspects of it.
  • Multi-jurisdiction tax management
  • Automated tax computation and report generation
  • Tax compliance and filing support
Compliance and Risk Management

Compliance and Risk Management

Abide by all the necessary laws and regulations with a dedicated compliance management functionality with financial management in ERP. The tool will help you comply with all location-based and generic compliances, helping you operate a more efficient business environment.
  • Compliance with regulations like GDPR, SOX
  • Audit reporting
  • Risk assessment
Financial Reporting

Financial Reporting

Get accurate financial reports for your business and keep your business’s financial health in check. Make informed decisions and mitigate risks of manual errors with the financial reporting feature of the finance module in ERP.
  • Financial data consolidation
  • Customizable reports and dashboards
  • Accurate cash flow statement, balance sheet, income statement
Client Management and CRM

Client Management and CRM

Keep track of your current and past customers, their profiles, and tax history with a dedicated CRM module. Leveraging the ERP for Visa Management Dashboard, integrate a dedicated CRM portal into your system that gives you detailed reports and analytics on your customer profiles and facilitates data-driven decisions.
  • Centralized client database, profiles, and tax history
  • Customer data management and segmentation
  • Customer support

ERP Benefits for Your Finance Business

Accelerate business transformation and establish your finance business as the frontrunner by investing in powerful finance ERP systems. Leverage the various modules of an ERP system and create a connected system that delivers value to your customers.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management

Nurture customer relationships as you track customer preferences and feedback to provide personalized services to learners, and more. With ERP for customized Visa Management for Agents, mitigate the pain points of your audience and elevate customer loyalty and service.
Project Management

Project Management

The project management module of ERP helps with setting up project milestones, budgets, and timelines. It also facilitates resource allocation capabilities to ensure your project is finished within the stipulated time and budget.
Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Improve your marketing game with Visa Consultant ERP software that helps with performance tracking, campaign management, email marketing integration, customer segmentation, personalized promotions, and more. Let our ERP specialists make the job easier for you as you strategize curated marketing campaigns for your audience.
Security and Data Privacy

Security and Data Privacy

Implementing a powerful ERP system suggests the protection of sensitive data through robust security measures. You can easily manage user access and ensure data is made available to authorized personnel only. It also helps you comply with various privacy regulations such as CCPA, GDPR, and so on.
Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Make impactful decisions for your Visa Consultant business with real-time data from analytics and reporting modules in the best ERP for financial services. Track KPIs and metrics and make decisions that can be fruitful for your business in the long run with the integration of an ERP. Let our experts optimize the analytics and reporting module for you to get you started.
Streamlined Operations

Streamlined Operations

Unite your various operations (inventory, finance, production, and sales) and manage from a centralized ERP platform while ensuring smooth interactions and hassle-free communication. Reduce manual tasks with automation, minimize errors, and speed up the process from order processing to delivery.
Visa consultant businesses can leverage our distinguished expertise when it comes to ERP and customize highly resilient solutions to boost sales and business productivity.


Partnering with BiztechCS enables you to harness the power of leading Enterprise Resource Planning software solutions. Boost your business productivity and ROI as you choose your preferred ERP for a complete revamp of your business processes.

  • Odoo
  • Dynamics
  • Salesforce
  • ERPNext
  • Oracle Netsuite
  • SAP

Why Should You Partner With BiztechCS?

Our skilled and seasoned developers alongside our specialization with ERPs make us a distinguished name in the industry. Let’s explore the various reasons that set us apart from the rest.

Data Privacy and Security


As we work on your financial technology solutions, we maintain complete confidentiality and security for your data. Project information is shared only with the project members and no one outside. We also adopt stringent security practices so your data and application remain safe at all times.

Continuous Innovation


Our team continuously upgrades their skills and adopts the latest technology to give you the best development experience. By integrating the best ERP system for the visa consultant industry, we help you transform your business processes into more flexible and efficient ones compared to traditional legacy systems.

Skilled Development Team


We have a reputed development and ERP team at BiztechCS who help you with your end-to-end software development needs. Our team helps you manage the technical aspects and assists with project management, maintenance, and support.

Flexible Time Zone


If you are worried about the difference in time zone, there's absolutely nothing to worry about. Our team works flexibly according to your time zone. We ensure our time overlaps, and we connect with you through pre-defined modes of communication to finish the project on time.  

Long-Term Partnership


We have fostered long-term partnerships with our clients through our dedication and continuous learning. It makes us a trusted and credible agency for implementing and customizing financial ERP software. You can also ask us to take care of your end-to-end visa consultant needs repeatedly, should you need our assistance.  

24 x 7 Customer Support


Our team of experts is available 24/7 to help with any support and maintenance requirements you have for your visa consultant business. Our technical experts will be by your side throughout and even after deployment to address any critical issues.
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What are the benefits of an ERP for Visa Consultants?

Financial management, documentation management, centralized client management, streamlined application processing, compliance and audit management, time and task management, mobile access, and integration capabilities are some key benefits of implementing an ERP for visa consultants.

Does an ERP system help with visa application tracking?

Absolutely! An ERP system helps with application filling to tracking of visa applications.

Is an ERP system secure for storing client data?

Yes, reputed and robust ERP systems like Odoo, Oracle Netsuite, MS Dynamics, and ERP Next have stringent security protocols that help protect your client data. You can further use security applications to strengthen your security and privacy.

What is the cost of an ERP system for visa consultants?

The exact cost of an ERP system will depend on the kind of ERP you choose. If it is an open-source one, you don’t have to pay any license fees and get started. However, you will need skilled and seasoned implementation partners who can assist you in this venture. As for proprietary software, the cost of accumulation will shoot up in addition to the cost of hiring implementation partners. But, you will reap in more benefits in the long haul.

Can an ERP system automate tasks for visa consultants?

Yes! You can choose to automate various tasks as per your ERP capabilities and get your visa consultant activities done.

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