Digitize your Real Estate Business


Streamline Offline Operations

Using software, simplify your offline operations and digitize all paperwork. This will help you to increase your employees’ productivity and utilize their skills in other tasks. Build custom end-to-end solutions which help you get more out your business.


Faster Lead Conversion

Make your sales cycle shorter by automating client communication, running campaigns, scheduling and sending notifications to customers, etc. It will help you focus more on serving customers better.


Sales Funnel Automation

Know your audience and automate your sales funnel, which helps you with better lead conversion. Define your sales cycles and automate the process, making it easy for your business to capture leads.


Better Insight into Customer Journey

With the power of data analytics, Ml, and AI, gain deeper insights and understand your customers. Depending on this knowledge, you provide users exactly what they are looking for and sell or rent properties easily.

Empower your Real Estate Business
with the Help of the Right Technology

Property Management

Property Management

Develop custom property management solutions with the help of our experts and let them guide you to streamline real estate operations. With the help of software, automate various features like bidding management, turnkey project handling, have customer records handy, property listings, leasing management solutions, etc. Automate front-office and back-office operations, manage leads, portfolios, lease contracts, and more with a single software.

  •   Property Listing Management
  •   Contracts and Legal Management
  •   Customer Account Management
  •   Social Media Integration and Automation
  •   Rental Portal Development

Customer Management

Efficiently manage all the stakeholders at your fingertips. Using AR-driven solutions, your customers can look at different properties in your application in real-time from the comfort of their homes. Agents can list various properties, customers can send in their inquiries and more from one place.

  •   Buyer Management
  •   Agent Management
  •   On-site Employee Management
  •   Marketplace Solution Development
  •   AR driven Solutions
Customer Management
Sales Automation

Sales Automation

Automate your sales process and provide users with the solutions they are searching for. Automating a sales funnel will decrease the paperwork and help your sales team to work efficiently. As a result, you and your team can focus more on building relationships with your customers.

  •   End-to-end Customer Journey Analytics
  •   Custom Quotes and Invoices Management
  •   On-field Sales Management
  •   Sales Productivity Management
  •   Marketing Activity Automation

On-field Solutions

Let our expert team of developers help you to build custom on-field solutions for your customers. Using software solutions, understand your customers’ behavior to understand what works where and strategize accordingly. Using the solutions correctly provides users with the seamless experience of enjoying their property hunt with just a few clicks.

  •   Customer Behaviour Data Capturing
  •   CSAT Surveys
  •   Self-touring Kiosks
  •   Property Knowledge Base and Chat
  •   Construction Maintenance & Management
  •   Materials Logistics Management
On-field Solutions

Build End-to-End Custom Solution and Manage your Real Estate Business Efficiently

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Success Stories of Digital Transformation Developed By BiztechCS

Our persistence and enthusiasm to work with technologies have helped us go above and beyond our client’s expectations. Here, explore many of our successful projects which digitally transformed businesses.

Picture House

Picture House

HTML5 , WordPress

US Housing Consultants

US Housing Consultants


IPE Developments

IPE Developments

HTML5 , WordPress

Why Biztech


Agile Development Approach

The Agile development model helps us to continuously improve products with every iteration having team members on the same page and provide timely deliverables.


17+ Years of Experience

With 17+ years of expertise, we know what it takes to build one-of-a-kind solutions for your manufacturing business. With viable solutions, we strive to deliver the best for your business.


End-to-End Software Development Solutions

Get a full-stack development solution from our experienced and expert team of developers, designers, marketers, testing, and sales. Bring great minds together to develop quality software.


Continuous Learning Approach

We carry out regular training sessions and workshops for our employees which keep them updated with the latest technologies in the market.


Continuous Project Delivery

Easy to follow development process makes it even easier for our team to work in sync and provide continuous delivery be it in the office or remote.


24x7 Support and Maintenance

Get round-the-clock support from our team to resolve problems and timely maintenance. It keeps your software up-to-date.