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Dynamics 365 Customer Portal

PortalXpand expands on the functionalities of Dynamics 365, helping you give your customers the smoothest experience...

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MappyField 365 -
Dynamics 365 Map Integration

A mapping integration to visualize CRM data on the map. A Dynamics 365 Mapping tool to help sales managers with their...

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Calendar 365 for Dynamics 365

A team is as productive as streamlined is their calendar. Calendar 365 for Dynamics 365 takes task and resource management...

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Stock Management for Dynamics 365

As long as you have products in stock, your business has the opportunity to grow. Stock Management for Dynamics 365...

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Smart Alerts for Dynamics 365

With the Smart Alerts plugin for Dynamics 365, you can track, view, create, and more for different entities, very effectively....

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Custom Auto Numbering for Dynamics 365

Numbering your records is necessary and tricky - depending on what your particular requirements are. Custom Auto Numbering...

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