MERN Stack VS Mean Stack VS Full Stack: Pick the Best Stack in 2023


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MERN Stack VS Mean Stack VS Full Stack: Pick the Best Stack in 20231


In today’s fast-paced world, you need a sturdy and secure infrastructure to build a feature-rich mobile or web application. Everyone’s in the race of building the most unique software product that can entice their audience, just like you.

So, what can you do to ensure your software outshines every other present out there?

  • Choose the most appropriate tech stack,
  • Hire the best developers, and
  • Craft an innovative product strategy.

When it comes to tech stack, there are a plethora of options for you to choose from. Here, I will help you overcome the challenge of comparing MERN Stack VS Mean Stack VS Full Stack so you can decide the best technology for your project!

What is a Tech Stack?

A stack is a collection of technologies, tools, and programming languages. Typically, it is of two kinds:

  • App stacks Collection of databases, emails, word processing, etc.
  • Technology stacks If you ask what does stack mean in technology, I would refer to it as a collection of tech services that you need to develop and operate any project. For example, web frameworks, tools, and programming languages. You can also consider marketing tools, sales tools, or ERP & CRM tools in a technology stack.

However, this blog exclusively deals with the technology stack in the development context. Here, we will dig deeper into Mean stack, Mern stack, and full stack development and their benefits and drawbacks.

What is a Mean Stack?

It is a Javascript-based tech stack used for developing websites and web applications. It consists of the following technologies:

  • Mongo DB: A document database
  • Express.js: Backend web framework used with Node.js
  • Angular.js: Client side or frontend development framework
  • Node.js: Javascript web server

Working of Mean Stack

Mean Stack Development Process

Mean Stack Development Process


You have Angular at the top for developing an interactive frontend interface. With Angular.js, you can create intuitive experiences for your end users much more conveniently than you can by using HTML or JS alone. Right from communication and localization to form validation, you can develop more converting interactions here.


In this tier, Express.js runs on the Javascript server of Node.js. Apt for URL routing, HTTP requests/ response handling, and XML HTTP requests, it handles all the tasks of server-side development.


To store data for your application, you need a database that is easy to work with other technologies of the Mean tech stack. That’s where Mongo DB comes into the picture with features like cross-cloud scalability and complete security.

Advantages of Mean Stack Development

  • Fast development speed: Often used for developing MVP because of its quick development pace.
  • Versatile development: Coding using Mean stack technology is a lot simpler and can be transitioned seamlessly between the client and server sides.
  • Encoding: Also known as Isomorphic coding, you can write code once and use it for multiple platforms. Thus, you can save on development time and cost.
  • Large community: It is open-source and is supported by a huge community of Mean stack developers.

Disadvantages of Mean Stack Development

Since Javascript wasn’t originally built for backend development, there are chances that your application might face performance issues. The fast pace development of Mean stack technologies may also lead to poor development practices, causing problems. However, with appropriate AngularJS performance optimization, you should be able to overcome these situations.

What is Mern Stack?

It is said to be a replacement of the Mean stack where Angular is replaced by React.js. It consists of the following technologies:

  • Mongo DB: An open-source document database
  • Express.js: Backend web framework used with Node.js
  • React.js: Frontend Javascript library apt for developing intuitive user interfaces
  • Node.js: Javascript web server

Mern stack development has gained popularity in quite a short time, especially because of the hugely popular library React. It has become the second most popular web framework of 2022, as per Statista report.

The same report shows Angular.js to be in the 5th position which is used for developing Mean apps. It is to note that the support for Angular.js has been discontinued, however, it is still popularly used by Mern stack developers because of its large developer community.

Subsequently, if you compare Mern stack vs Mean stack, you will see that React holds better compared to Angular as far as UI layer abstraction is concerned.

Working of Mern Stack

Mern Stack Development Process-2

Mern Stack Development Process


React library is used for developing an interactive web or frontend interface. With React.js, you can create stateful and data-driven UIs with minimal coding. It is great for creating complex user interfaces, error handling, and managing forms and lists, all using simple components.


In this tier, Express.js runs on the Javascript server of Node.js. Apt for URL routing, HTTP requests/ response handling, and XML HTTP requests, it handles all the tasks of server-side development.


To store data for your Mern apps, you need a database that is easy to work with other technologies of the stack. That’s where Mongo DB comes into the picture. With its features like cross-cloud scalability and complete security, it is the perfect solution to send, store, or retrieve data.

Advantages of Mern Stack Development

  • From the backend or server side to the frontend/ client side, the entire development cycle is covered with Mern web development.
  • With robust GUI and command line tools, the Mern tech stack offers a flexible data model for developing web apps.
  • Since it involves client-side development alongside server-side, it compares with full stack development.
  • It’s open-source and anyone can use the technology for developing web apps without having to pay any license fee.
  • There’s also a plethora of testing tools like built-in React testing library, React hooks testing library, Enzyme, Jest, etc. available that work well with Mern stack technologies.

Disadvantages of Mern Stack Development

  • The use of third-party libraries is extensive in Mern stack development as React itself is a library and has to depend on other libraries for many functions.
  • It is most appropriate for single-page applications and not large projects.
  • If you compare Mean stack vs Mern stack, the former is better in terms of error handling with its Typescript feature for error prevention. However, no such option is available for Mern stack technologies.

What is Full Stack Development?

Full Stack Development Technologies

Full Stack Development Technologies

It refers to both types of development: Client side as well as server side. If you hire a full-stack developer, they will be proficient in multiple full stack languages and best web frameworks that can help you develop the front end and backend seamlessly.

It consists of the following technologies:

  • Frontend: HTML5, CSS, JS, Ajax, React, Angular, TypeScript, and others.
  • Backend: PHP, Python, Django, Nodejs, GO, Expressjs, Middleware, Caching, etc.
  • Database: MySQL, SQLite, Postgres, Clusters, MongoDB, etc.

Advantages of Full Stack Development

  • Switching swiftly between frontend and backend as per your need is easy with full stack development.
  • Minimized development cost.
  • The entire frontend design and development part is handled by one team. Thus, they are more in control of the project and can meet your expectations appropriately.

Disadvantages of Full Stack Development

  • A full stack developer might find it overwhelming to keep up with the new trends and technologies as the number of frontend, backend, and other cutting-edge technologies are growing significantly.
  • Working with too many technologies can get confusing for developers, thereby slowing their development speed.
MERN Stack MEAN Stack FULL Stack
Architecture Flawless UI rendering Component-based (managing code + upgrading) 3-tier web architecture
Skills HTML, Javascript, app optimization, profiling, programming template, and database knowledge. HTML, CSS, Agile development, SDLC, web design, integration, architecture, cloud computing, and relevant Mean frameworks. Frontend and backend technologies, version control, database management skills, soft skills, web hosting, etc.
Developer rates In the US, the average developer rate is $64.10 per year, and the average salary is $125,000 for a year. In India, the average developer salary per year is 1,000,000 INR. In the USA, Entry level developers get $50,000 per year. Mid-level developers get $70,000, and Senior-level developers get $100,000. In India, the average developer salary per year is around the same as Mern stack developers. The average income of a full-stack developer is $74,958 in a year. For full-stack developers in India, the average salary is around 1,100,000 per year. However, these rates vary based on level of experience and engagement model.
Productivity React.js technology of the MERN stack depends hugely on third-party libraries for extended features and functionalities. Thus, productivity is considerably low. One of the greatest advantages of using Mean stack technologies is its high productivity. Its boilerplate codes ensure they can be seamlessly organized and reused for any project. A sizeable increment in productivity can be observed with full stack development as it offers you coordinated development of the front-end and back-end.
Scalability Mern stack supports the MVC architecture and allows developers to work in a full stack development environment. Thus, it is used to develop highly scalable applications. The Single-threaded model of Node.js ensures that Mean stack applications are moderately scalable. A full-stack developer has a diverse knowledge of the best programming languages & full stack developer tools. They can make use of any existing or latest technology to scale your application per changing business needs.
Third-party support The React library of the Mern stack requires the support of additional libraries for adding advanced features and functionalities. Thus, it extends seamless third-party support for applications. However, the same reason could result in improper management or update. You get to use many ready-to-use functionalities and features with Mean stack technologies. The use of libraries such as LESS and JQuery will enable you to add extended features to your full-stack web applications.
Security Medium High Medium
Features High-level Moderate level High-level



These are some of the key differences between MERN VS Mean VS Full Stack technologies. Each stack here has its own sets of merits and demerits. So, do you have a profitable web app idea and looking for the perfect technology to go with it?

Use these points to decide what’s the most suitable option for your specific project. To do so, start analyzing your project requirements and the budget you can spare. It should help you assess which features and functionalities are more needed and which you may not need for this particular project.

You also have to consider the developer rates and availability to ensure there is no hindrance in the process. Hiring dedicated developers in India by outsourcing your custom project can be a profitable option for you regardless of the tech stack you choose.

However, you have to pick the best resources that can help improve your productivity and the quality of the web application. If you are still looking for such a team, BiztechCS can assist you. We have diverse experience in developing full-stack, Mean stack, and Mern stack applications as per your unique needs.

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