Why Choose Salesforce CRM for Manufacturing Companies? Best Reasons to Note


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Why Choose Salesforce CRM for Manufacturing Companies? Best Reasons to Note1


Wondering whether to use Salesforce for manufacturing firms or not? Can it transform your operational processes for improved productivity?

If you are seeking answers to such questions, you might have witnessed the turbulence Covid-19 caused for the manufacturing industry. In the early 2020s, the manufacturing sector saw a collective decline in the GDP of several countries

  • with the US down by 1.22%,
  • the UK by 1.98%,
  • China by 10.2%,
  • and France by 5.83%.

This decline wasn’t something that appeared out of the blue as the pandemic did. Instead, it was a result of the challenges the manufacturing industry was facing for a long time. Covid-19 did nothing but intensify it.

Supply chain challenges, sustainability, operational efficiency, talent scarcity, and rising cyber threats were some common challenges that the industry faced earlier. But, the disruption in supply and delivery during the pandemic caused operational inefficiencies.

In the aftermath of Covid-19 when companies are recovering, Salesforce appears to be the perfect CRM for the manufacturing industry. It can help strengthen customer relationships and overcome the above-mentioned challenges sufficiently.

Going forward, you will learn in detail how Salesforce can prove to be a profitable CRM for manufacturing companies! It should also help you hire a salesforce developer of skill and experience as you will be better informed of the things you need to look for.

Top Benefits of Using Salesforce for Manufacturing Businesses

A celebrated CRM solution Salesforce can help businesses retain customers and gain loyal customers. Here, look at the various advantages.

Easy accessibility

Salesforce is a cloud-enabled CRM solution that enables manufacturers to easily access their integrated business apps. As long as you are connected to the internet and have a digital device (computer, laptop, mobile, or tablet), you can access all your apps seamlessly.

Whether you want to check the status of inventories or track an order shipment, everything can be accessed remotely. You don’t have to stay present in the office physically to manage and ensure all these operations go smoothly.

Takeaways: Solves the traditional approach of working, employees can work flexibly, and more productivity as tracking/ sharing information on the go is possible.

Monitoring leads

For a manufacturing company, the wholesale and retail suppliers are their potential leads. In a traditional setup, monitoring those leads was quite a challenge as it would be tedious and time-consuming. They would have to keep a record and dial each number to follow up.

With the Salesforce CRM solution, tracking leads would become much more seamless. You can utilize the platform to differentiate quality leads from dead leads, create a systematic report based on the data, and share it further with the sales teams.

The different modules of Salesforce will further help you nurture those leads and turn them into loyal customers.

Improved productivity

A manufacturing unit often faces productivity issues because of a number of reasons. Ineffective resource utilization, idle time, and non-productive activities are some of them.

While it was difficult to cope with these challenges with manual intervention, Salesforce makes it easy for you to get rid of them. It can assist you in the smart utilization of resources, predicting the right quantity and time of production, improving sales forecasts, and preparing better production plans.

More lead conversion rates

Acquiring leads is one thing and converting them is another. Your sales team would have to be agile, flexible, and work on their toes to convert leads. But, that’s not enough if you want to accelerate your conversion rates.

For that, implementing a CRM solution of quality is much more necessary. CRM software like Salesforce can contribute greatly in this regard. Your team gets access to a centralized system, which can be used for the identification of quality leads, and real-time access to customer information.

With the all-new Whatsapp-Salesforce partnership, manufacturing companies can leverage more of this CRM Software In USA. You can effortlessly integrate WhatsApp with Salesforce software to use a unified view. Your sales representatives can quickly access real-time data from Salesforce and use the information to personalize their sales pitch and improve conversion rates.

Increased sales and revenue

With great conversion rates, you get to increase your business unit’s sales and revenue. You can leverage the features and functionalities of various clouds for Salesforce in the manufacturing industry and sell faster and better. It equips you with tools for business analytics and improved sales processes so you can reach out to the right customers with appropriate product recommendations.

Better marketing capabilities

Whether you build Salesforce for nonprofits or for manufacturing, marketing is a critical part of it. You need to promote your products and services to the right audience and persuade them to try them. Salesforce is a platform that comes with a marketing cloud to support your marketing ventures.

It can help you devise a robust marketing plan, use custom templates for email marketing, integrate Google analytics, and so on. Whether you use social media marketing, organic SEO campaigns, or paid marketing, you can do more with Salesforce capabilities.

How Salesforce Clouds Help Manufacturing Companies Grow?

To use Salesforce for the manufacturing industry, you have multiple clouds. Check out these features from each cloud to see how you can use Salesforce to grow your manufacturing company.

I. Manufacturing Cloud Salesforce

It presents companies with an advanced and modern interface so the various operations of manufacturing can be done effortlessly. You can deliver more personalized experiences with a manufacturing cloud at your disposal.

The Salesforce manufacturing cloud pricing can vary based on the plan you choose. You can select the one based on your custom needs

Manufacturing cloud – Sales Manufacturing cloud – Service Manufacturing cloud – Sales and Service
Pricing $225/user/ month $225/user/ month $250/ user/ month
Billing Cycle Billed annually Billed annually Billed annually
Features All features of sales cloud, manufacturing data model, rebate management, embedded analytics, demand forecasts. Manufacturing data model, service cloud features, digital process automation, rebate engagement, embedded analytics, new revenue streams, and connected service experiences. A complete manufacturing platform with sales and service cloud features, rebate management, embedded analytics, sales forecasting, and more.



  • Creating accurate business predictions is possible with manufacturing cloud. Companies can understand which products to manufacture based on the demand in the market and the right time to produce goods.
  • A more streamlined operation can lead to meeting commitments better. For example, tracking order status, and checking inventory levels can be performed without human errors.
  • With the seamless management of inventory, you can ensure you are manufacturing as per the demand and not having surplus products. You can eliminate issues like ‘item out of stock’ that might make your customer look for other competitors.
  • With digital automation in the picture, updating contracts will be easier and seamless.

II. Salesforce sales cloud

With the help of a sales cloud for manufacturing Salesforce, you can transform the way your sales team pitches. The lack of relevant data and information on market trends and customer preferences can be a barrier to your sales process.

But not anymore, if you use the sales cloud to access crucial information. Your sales representatives can quickly access the data in real-time which can help to improve their pitch, reach out to a customer, address their pain points, and improve customer service.

The Sales cloud can help effectively with lead management, opportunity management, forecast management, contact management, and so on. In any case, your sales cycle will be improved.

III. Salesforce marketing cloud

Marketing works the same for every industry whether it is Salesforce for real estate or manufacturing. You need to leverage the crucial client data to target potential customers who can be interested in your manufactured products.

The marketing cloud in Salesforce manufacturing ERP will help send transactional, promotional, and triggered messages to your clients. You can automate the system to send messages to a number of clients at a time or send personalized messages to attract their attention.

The tool is also used for predictive analysis, creating promotional campaigns, and tracking analytics alongside automation.

Salesforce has about 6 major types of clouds that could work seamlessly for you – service cloud, sales cloud, marketing cloud, commerce cloud, analytics cloud, and experience cloud. You can use one or more of these to improve your manufacturing company’s operations.

However, leveraging these features to their best is the reason why you hire the best Salesforce developers for your agency. They are certified professionals and can assist you in optimizing your manufacturing company’s operations for improved performance.


Salesforce is considered the best CRM for manufacturing businesses with many capabilities. Alongside its multiple clouds, it comes with many tools that can ease manufacturer challenges. For instance, Salesforce CPQ for manufacturing (configure, price, and quote), is a tool that can quickly generate quotes for your products by considering many factors. The software can be used to generate code 10 times faster and 95% reduction in the approval time.

Leveraging these tools and manufacturing cloud capabilities, companies can improve their productivity, minimize costs, and intensify their sales processes. So, if you are having second thoughts on whether to use Salesforce or not, it’s time to get rid of those.

Instead, hire qualified professionals to get the most out of Salesforce solution platforms for manufacturing. In this venture, our certified professionals can be of help with the diverse experience they have gathered over the years.

Their collective experience in multiple industries and size of projects sets them apart and you can trust us for your Salesforce manufacturing project. So, what are you waiting for? Share your requirements and get started!

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