Cost to Hire PHP Developers: A Comprehensive Guide


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Cost to Hire PHP Developers: A Comprehensive Guide1


Want to build a website using PHP but all at sea about how much it costs to hire PHP developers? If your answer is affirmative, then be happy as you’re a few paragraphs away from the answer. Yes, this article, will get you through a complete cost analysis of hiring PHP developers and some additional know-how like how to hire them. 

When turning your web development ideas to life, getting in touch with a skilled professional is essential. However, finding a dexterous developer at a reasonable price is a tough nut to crack. For that to be possible, you need to be proficient with all the skills and know-how about the cost that the PHP developers charge. 

When estimating on average, the PHP developer hourly rate in India may fall between $20 to $40 per hour, which can vary in the USA, UK, and Canada by $50 to $100 per hour. Let’s explore in detail and learn “How Much is the Cost to Hire PHP Developers for your web development project”!

PHP & Its Popularity Among PHP Developers Worldwide

PHP is a well-known server-side scripting language for creating web solutions. It’s a fast, flexible, high-performance programming language that powers many websites worldwide. It tends to be a versatile language that continues to be popular amongst businesses willing and planning to build robust and high-performance web solutions using PHP.

A report from Statista states that in 2023, PHP was one of the most used programming languages among developers worldwide, and it will continue to be so in the future.

PHP Developers Worldwide

How Much Does it Cost to Hire PHP Developers in 2024?

When determining the exact cost of hiring a PHP developer, you may encounter considerable variations. These variations are because of different factors associated with web development. In general, the leading PHP development companies charge between $15 to $50 for PHP web development services. However, it’s an average cost, it is likely to differ depending on various factors such as the company you choose, project requirements, complexities, and the like. 

Every business is unique, and so are its ideas. To serve your unique web development purposes, there should be a tailored option, as a “one-size-fits-all” approach may not suffice your unmatched business needs. Although you can get a fixed hourly cost to hire a PHP developer to handle your web development requirements, that too can vary as per the variety of requirements or the project’s complexity. The hourly cost of a PHP developer for a complex project might fall between $30 to $65 per hour.

hiring PHP developers

The Average Salary of Remote PHP Developers Worldwide 

The average Remote PHP developer salary starts from around $56,732 and goes up to $81,526 and sometimes beyond that.

PHP developer salary

The Average Annual Salary of PHP Developers Worldwide

Look at the average annual salary of PHP developers across countries like the USA, the UK, and India! Knowing the salary differences in different locations will help you hire PHP developers from the right and cost-effective location.

salary of PHP developers

  • When you need to hire an entry-level PHP developer with initial experience, they are minimally expensive. However, they can work merely on projects with general requirements. 
  • If you have complex web development projects that require extensive customization, you need to hire mid-level to experienced-level developers to suffice the need. 
  • When you have a PHP development project requiring experts, you can hire PHP developers with 5+ years of experience to complete your project efficiently. 

Note: Bear the fact in mind that these are generic estimations for general projects, hence, the cost of your PHP development outsourcing project may vary depending on various factors. Let’s look at the hiring models and then skip to the key cost differentiators of hiring PHP developers!

Hiring Models for PHP Developers

Every project has its own set of requirements and so is the PHP hiring model. Following are some of the hiring  models you can choose from when you hire PHP developers to work on your projects: 

In-house Team

An In-house team ensures you have complete control over PHP developers as they work with you. However it’s convenient, you may need to bear some additional expenses such as hiring costs, employee medical insurance, taxes, and some additional costs apart from the high salaries. You should choose this model when you’re a tech organization with all the in-house resources. 

Freelancer Developers 

Next up you can hire freelance PHP developers with hands-on experience in the latest PHP frameworks cost-effectively. However, it’s convenient, they may be offshore PHP developers, and dealing with those may be a risky affair for some reasons which include: communication barriers, lack of monitoring, lower quality code, etc. 

Dedicated Team Model 

When you have a project with high requirements and complexities, you can opt to go with a dedicated team model. You can establish your own team by hiring dedicated PHP programmers with hands-on experience in PHP frameworks like Symfony Laravel and Zend framework. With this hiring model, you can leverage the benefits of a complete team amalgamated with senior PHP developers and mid-level developers with competencies to use trending PHP development tools to build quality PHP products. 

Hiring dedicated PHP development developers offers a variety of benefits by allowing you different control over the team and project. With this hiring model, businesses save costs spent on finding hiring, training, and continuously monitoring the team.

Significant Factors Likely to Vary The Cost Of PHP Developers

It can vary depending on various factors, however, determining an overall cost to hire a PHP developer isn’t rocket science. You just need to know some cost differentiators to be able to ascertain the cost you’re going to pay to hire developers. Once you’re aware of the factors, you can simply calculate the cost of your project. 

Developer’s Expertise In Technology 

Hiring PHP developers embedded with expertise in top PHP frameworks such as Symfony, Laravel, CakePHP, or CMS for instance, WordPress can cost a small fortune. Hiring an entry-level PHP developer, on the other hand, is a bit cheaper, costing you between $1o to $15 per hour.

Developer’s Experience In Industry

Experience matters the most when it comes to the cost of hiring developers. An experienced PHP developer is more likely to elevate the chances of your project’s success as they are aware of the current marketplace and industry trends. So, if you need to hire an experienced PHP programmer for healthcare, eCommerce, or financial services, it may higher the hiring cost. 

Complexity of The Project 

The complexities associated with your PHP development project can differ and elevate the cost of hiring PHP developers. This is because a complex project requires the next level of skills, expertise, and know-how to tackle the obstacles. Therefore, you may need to hire senior PHP developers with specific skills and knowledge, resulting in an increased development expense. 

Project Management Skills 

Developers with project management skills handle additional responsibilities in an organization. They take on responsibilities like coordinating with team members and, therefore, charge higher costs. They’re higher in price. However, a PHP developer with excellent project management skills can be worth it as they maintain the overall quality of the project, making the procedure seamless. 

Availability & Responsiveness 

The quality of proper responses of a PHP developer may differ in the hiring cost. Those who properly respond, meet strict deadlines, and remain available to troubleshoot urgent issues may charge higher rates compared to others. 

Difference In Time Zone

Developers working in an Indian time zone tend to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. On the other hand, those developers working in an international time zone need to sacrifice their work-life balance, social life, personal life, sleep cycles, and the like. It can lead to a higher remuneration for those PHP developers working in an international time zone than those working in an Indian time zone. 

Coding Standards & Best Practices

PHP developers who properly adhere to coding standards and follow best practices while creating maintainable codes may cost you more as they ensure higher-quality PHP development solutions.

Developer’s Location

The geographical location can also influence the PHP developer’s hourly rates. Developers living in a region with a higher cost of living may charge more compared to hiring those in a city with a lower cost of livelihood. You can find PHP developers in India more economical compared to other countries, so the location can be an ideal choice for offshore PHP developers. 

Flawless Communication 

Smooth communication ensures streamlined workflows and can influence the cost of software development. Hence, PHP developers with flawless communication skills tend to charge more to work on your project. 

Contract Terms & Deadline 

Apart from all the above, the terms of the contract and the deadline can also differentiate the cost of hiring PHP developers at an hourly rate. Short-term projects with no certain deadline tend to cost more than those with long-term timelines and certainty. 

Make sure you conduct an intensive evaluation of each of the above-mentioned factors. Once, you’ve done with that, consider implementing the formula below to calculate and determine the hourly rate of your PHP development project’s cost.

App Development Cost Calculation Formula

Why Choose PHP for Web Development?

There are plenty of reasons why you should choose PHP for web development. However, the pointers mentioned below show a few significant ones. 

  • Open Source Technology— As an open-source technology, PHP is freely available to use, making it an easy-to-reach technology, especially for SMEs. 
  • Enriched Features & Functionality— PHP provides enriched features and functionalities which makes it suitable for web development projects. 
  • Compatible with Front-end Technologies— PHP can easily integrate front-end technologies, for instance, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, making it usable for creating interactive and dynamic user interfaces. 
  • Wider Industry Adoption— several leading applications and websites have been built using PHP. Many tech giants have shown their trust in PHP from Facebook to WordPress and Wikipedia to Slack.
  • Wide Community Support— PHP has a wide and active developer community, making it convenient for developers to get answers to their questions when stuck between PHP development projects.

What Should You Consider When Hiring PHP Developers?

Knowing the cost of hiring a PHP developer is right but to get in touch with the right developers, you need to predefine the below-mentioned parameters. Determining these beforehand will prevent you from wandering while hiring developers. These will help you stick to your defined needs and choose developers accordingly:

A PHP Developer Should Have the Following Attributes: 

  • Expertise in PHP development
  • Know-how in leading PHP frameworks like Symphony and Laravel. 
  • Experience in handling industry-specific projects.
  • Knowledge and expertise in leading PHP frameworks.
  • A diverse and comprehensive portfolio of developer 
  • Competencies to handle even complex projects
  • Flawless communication skills and ability
  • Flexibility to work in different time zones 
  • An excellent track record of quality products and timely delivery
  • Signing NDA (non-disclosure-agreement) to make your idea confidential


That’s pretty much about it! When it comes to web development, PHP happens to be one of the best programming languages. It helps you build high-performance web apps, however, you need some skilled hands to leverage the optimal benefits that PHP offers. You need to hire skilled PHP developers to build quality applications. Besides, you should look for developers with proficiency in PHP frameworks like Symphony and Laravel to create a robust and durable website.

In this article, we discussed the cost of hiring PHP developers comprehensively. We not only tried to let you know the cost but also various other factors like the key cost differentiators of hiring developers, why to choose PHP for web development, and what to consider during hiring them. Now that you’ve got to know the overall cost, get in touch with one of the leading PHP development companies “Biztechcs” if you want to know the exact cost to hire PHP developers. Contact us now.


What is the average hourly rate for PHP developers?

The cost of hiring a PHP developer may fall anywhere between $15 to $65 per hour. This is an estimated cost, however, it’s likely to change depending on differences in requirements. So, it would be better to get connected to one of the PHP development companies and get comprehensive information about the cost of PHP development. 

What factors influence the cost of hiring PHP developers?

Various factors, such as the developer’s expertise and location, your project requirements and complexity, and the cost of hiring a PHP developer for your project, can vary the cost of hiring a PHP developer.

How Much Does It Cost To Build a PHP Website?

Building a website using PHP can cost you anywhere between $25,000 and $105,000. However, it’s an estimated cost and can differ when you need to build a web solution with some specifications. So, make sure you gauge all the factors before embarking on the project development. 

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