MWC 2023 Barcelona - Schedule Meeting with US!


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MWC 2023 Barcelona – Schedule Meeting with US!1

The annual trade show MWC (Mobile World Congress) Barcelona is arranged every year by GSM Association, a global company representing the mobile industry worldwide. The event is typically organized around February and March. 

And in 2023, the dates are from 27th February to 3rd March. MWC provides a great platform for people across the globe to connect, communicate, and innovate the up-and-coming trends in the mobile industry. 

Interested in anything remotely connected to the mobile sector? 

Then, MWC is the event for you! 

Right from device manufacturers to global mobile operators and content owners to tech leaders, MWC is the place where people can talk about the latest tech innovation and trends that are going to reinvent the mobile sector. 

This year’s theme velocity is here to unfurl the new and bigger changes that the mobile industry is going to witness – the adoption of 5G and 6G, Metaverse, AI, IoT, NFTs, and more! Ready to talk about these technologies and how they are future-ready? Then, MWC Barcelona is the stage. 

And we are thrilled to announce that BiztechCS is going to attend MWC Barcelona, 2023!!! 

We intend to meet industry decision-makers and stakeholders to learn new things, talk with entrepreneurs about their next project, and even help some achieve their dream projects as seamlessly as possible. 

About BiztechCS 

BiztechCS is a global leader in IT and consulting services since 2006. With over 16 years of experience and more than 300 tech nerds on our team, we are here to provide your business with the much-needed digital transformation.

Our developers adhere to all industry-standard security benchmarks and follow agile methodology for developing software much faster. Having worked on more than 1200 successful projects in multiple industries, we can help you in various ways including but not limited to: 

  • Software product engineering 
  • Enterprise mobile app development
  • Quality engineering 
  • eCommerce development 
  • Devops 
  • Cloud applications 
  • AI/ML development 
  • CRM & ERP integrations 

Going forward, our vision is to lead the Asian, European, and American market by 2026. On that front, MWC Barcelona 2023 seems to be a perfect opportunity to realize this vision of ours. 

Why BiztechCS is Going to MWC 2023? 

As mentioned earlier, we are working aggressively to achieve our vision. Thus, it is time to grow our network and meet people who are equally excited to build top-of-the-shelf software solutions. In this journey, we intend to meet many such individuals, discuss unique project ideas they have in mind, and share how we can contribute to achieving those smoothly. 

We are traveling from 27th February to 31st March 2023 across the United Kingdom, and Europe covering Germany, Spain, France, Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, and Switzerland. If you are in or around the aforementioned places, then this is your chance to meet us and get started on a new journey of technical excellence. 

To schedule a meeting with us in person, please use the below link to book an appointment. 

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