7 .Net Core Best Practices for Developing A Web Store

Kanchi Vasavada

By : Kanchi Vasavada

7 .Net Core Best Practices for Developing A Web Store1

.Net is an open-source cross-platform for developers by Microsoft. You can use this platform to build applications, web apps, ecommerce stores, mobile apps, desktop apps, and IoT solutions. And if you are a .net developer then you already know that. So, without further ado, let’s cover the benefits of using this platform and some of the .Net core best practices to help keep your programming habits healthy and your code; organized.

Benefits of using .Net Core:

  • As it is open-source, it gives an advantage over more walled-in proprietary options. It works on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems providing a speedy performance, which is great for ecommerce websites.
  • .Net Core is a redesign of the old ASP.Net 4.x platform. It is cloud-ready and since everything is moving to the cloud, it’s an added and necessary advantage.
  • Even though this framework is lightweight, you can expect high-level performance. Another advantage of this newer technology is lesser coding requirements and better security. As there is less code required, apps written in .Net Core are also easier to maintain.
  • One of the places where this framework comes in handy is when you build ecommerce stores. In the ecommerce industry, it is crucial that you have a fast website that can handle an expanding catalog. .Net Core framework is perfect to handle such a requirement. And not just for the ecommerce industry, but for iOS and Android also .Net core makes for the perfect platform.

Whenever such a complicated framework is open source, it is important that there is a community of people who maintain or add to the product. So, the updates don’t stop, and you are not without a support network. Now that we have established that .Net Core is important, let us talk about some of the best practices that you should follow in order to get the maximum benefit of using this framework:

Now that we have established that .Net Core is important, let us talk about some of the best practices that you should follow in order to get the maximum benefit of using this framework:

  • Keep Updating the Framework Version:
    When it comes to software, whether it’s an app on your phone, the operating system of your computer, or the framework of your app, regularly updating it is important. The framework update includes faster speeds, more security, and more efficiency. So, when the .Net Core framework updates, you should update it for your web store or app.
  • Cache Collection:
    Caching is necessary so that the web server gets comparatively lesser requests from client or proxy. This way, web server platforms will not have to work too hard to create a response. Headers control this type of caching for response.
  • Lesser Interactions with Data Store:
    The more calls happen to retrieve data, the longer the server takes to process it. This is why, if you cache appropriately, data access time will be reduced. If the server is able to access data in one call as opposed to several, it can smoothen the process. Check out the do’s and don’ts in detail to optimize data access in .Net framework from here.
  • Optimize Common Code Paths:
    Certain modules in a web page are requested frequently. If you work to optimize these code paths, your user experience will get significantly better. These modules include user authentication, the home page, checkout page, etc. Apart from the frequently called paths, you also need to optimize the code paths for the checkout process.
  • Try Completing Lengthy Tasks outside of HTTP requests:
    You can request-response of the long-running tasks outside of HTTP response by setting up a process. Implement them as hosted services and make them run in the background. This practice is extremely useful for CPU-intensive tasks.
  • Reduce Responses:
    The fact that compressing a file makes the transfer faster is not news. When you compress a web site response, it will deliver a smooth experience to your end-user.
  • Manage Client Assets by Minifying:
    Initial load requests can improve when you minify client assets. .Net Core has built-in support for minifying these by removing whitespace and comments. Apart from that, you can consider some third-party tools which can help you with complex client asset management.
    If you come across any problems while implementing these, get in touch with us here. We would help you out with your queries.

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