Top 7 Rich Internet Application (RiA) Frameworks

Hiral Thaker

By : Hiral Thaker

Top 7 Rich Internet Application (RiA) Frameworks1

RIAs (Rich Internet Applications) are web-based applications that function as traditional desktop applications. You don’t need to install them. Specific tools should be installed on a client’s machine that depends on the applications that you are using, i.e., ActiveX, Java, Flash, or similar technologies. Before RIAs became popular, most of the web applications were composed of static pages.

Rich Internet Applications developed by the experts offer superior accessibility, portability and scalability.

7 Most popular RIA frameworks

Here are the 7 most popular frameworks for Internet Applications to make them more effective and attractive:

  • AJAX:

    Choose AJAX, if you want to make your website SEO friendly and customize it as per your business needs. It helps you revamp your existing website. You can add rich functionality with smaller and more frequent updates.
  • Flex:

    To build larger and complex applications Flex is a good choice. It works well when high level of complexity and data processing is needed. It can help you to tweak your existing web applications via widgets. Advantages include an optimized performance and easier code and ease of maintenance.
  • Silverlight:

    Similar to Flex, Silverlight is also suitable for large and more complex Web Application Development. However, it is designed for the community of .Net developers and integrates well with .NET components.
  • JavaScript Libraries:

    JavaScript libraries provide a framework for an RIA application that leverages client-side scripting to handle front-end interface functions. They are more like jQuery and MooTools. Basically they provide JavaScript files packed with useful collections, cross browser compatibility functions for AJAX convenience.

    These libraries have RIA components like grids, graphs, and complex form elements with the utilities of handling AJAX. The best part is that JavaScript libraries for web development are open source.
  • ICEfaces:

    The best part of ICEfaces is that it handles all JavaScript/AJAX for web application via Java APIs. They extend the standard JavaServer Faces (JSF) framework. This RiA simplifies a Programmer’s workflow.
  • Adobe Flash Builder:

    In Adobe Flash, the latest version is ‘Adobe Flash Builder 4.7’ that is cross-platform and cross-browser in nature. The game development process has become faster and easier with features like advanced code hinting, code refactoring, and quick-assist templates. Along with this, it is packed with the features like easy debug and test, faster code generation, etc.
  • HTML 5:

    HTML5 has been the latest development in the RIA movement. It is a blend of HTML 4, JavaScript, CSS, JavaScript libraries and Flash into a single specification that leverages the API model.

In a Nutshell

Rich Internet Applications developed by the professionals offer accessibility, portability and scalability to your websites. With high levels of performance and reliability, the RIA they provide end users with an optimal web experience.

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