Why You Should Take Your Diamond Jewelry Business Online?

Yesha Bhatt

By : Yesha Bhatt

Why You Should Take Your Diamond Jewelry Business Online?1

From carats to peanuts that’s how the pandemic defeated the global diamond industry. Freezing sales, and shuttering mines – the industry reached a near full stop.

However, diamond jewelry business owners are striving to regain the sparkle by embracing the universal COVID change – virtual services. Reports forecast luxury jewelry revenue to reach USD 65.48 billion by 2025.

Online shopping is no surprise today. The growth of eCommerce has aided several industries and diamond jewelry is one of them. If you are wondering how you can start diamond trading business online, then you are in the right place.

In this post, we will explore more about how to start a diamond jewelry business online.

Here’s what the post covers:

Is Selling on Instagram Right for Your Business?

Shoppable posts, top-notch aesthetics, and long-term followers are some reasons why Instagram attracts many business owners. Despite Instagram straightforwardly giving an audience of potential customers, it is difficult for brands to start diamond trading business there.

An average diamond buying customer will need a lot more than visual aspects, and likes to get convinced to make the purchase. They demand authenticity and security for their purchase which a social media platform fails to give.

Even if you describe your brand’s journey, provide a verification report, and confirm your expertise on the platform, the customer wants more. They are likely to do in-depth research and find out information on secure transactions, return policy, customer reviews, etc.

To start a diamond jewelry business online, you need a setup stronger than social media platforms that not just help you reach a wider customer base, but also help establish your brand credibility.

Therefore, to start a diamond jewelry business, you need to understand the role of an eCommerce store.

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Start a Diamond Jewelry Business on eCommerce Website

eCommerce websites allow you to employ a wide range of functionalities to attract the user and turn them into loyal customers. Let’s find out why you should have a website to start a diamond jewelry business.

Increased Customer Reach

Your offline retail store is driven by relationships and branding. Those customers who trust your brand will come back to your store no matter what. It’s the one-to-one Increased Customer Reachconnection that you have built with them over the years that helps build the trust. What if in addition to these loyal customers, you gain a new audience who have not heard about your brand before?

The first thing you need to start a diamond jewelry business online is a well-designed website. It has the power to not just retain your existing shoppers but also to drive new traffic from search engines. You will have thousands of people visiting your store. Further, you are not bound to a specific geographical location. With an eCommerce site, you can expand your diamond jewelry line globally.

Also, it’s not only about increasing sales. With a website, you can increase your availability to sell your product around-the-clock. Your customers will get all the information they need on the site. Will any of your employees answer the customer’s questions 24*7? Think about it.

So, think about how your brand can showcase exclusive pieces of diamond jewelry to an unlimited number of customers.

Build Customer Loyalty & Trust

In addition to showcasing products, a website is a valuable tool to connect with customers and build trust. Your loyal customers are the ones who will buy your products even if there’s no ‘sale’ or ‘discount’ attached. Build Customer Loyalty & TrustThey’ll recommend your products to others. And you would like to keep this circle bigger and consistent. So, how will a website help build loyalty? Let’s find out.

Good feedback and customer feedback tools will drive potential customers to your business. Request and collect testimonials from your customers using these tools, and display them on your website.

A good reward system will ensure that your customers come back. You can entice them to continue purchasing your product by offering a point system. Such programs allow users to enjoy discounts after crossing certain points/cash spent.

Another most important thing is credibility. Like I said before, diamond buying customers want to feel well-informed and secure when making an expensive purchase. Your already existing customers know already are aware of your brand’s credibility. But what about the new traffic?

A website allows them to see everything about your brand. You can tell them your story, mission, vision, and more on the site. Not just this, you can display all the required certificates that will instill trust among potential customers. Further, a safe and secure checkout page will encourage customers to make a purchase online.

A Step Ahead with Mobile App

As a forward-thinking entrepreneur, you would not want A Step Ahead with Mobile Appto restrict your diamond jewelry business to have only a web presence. Once
you start seeing the benefits of a website, it’s time to think beyond a mobile-friendly website, and have a customized mobile app to streamline your diamond jewelry business. Here are some benefits of having a mobile app:

  • Increased client retention with features like notifications, reward system, live chat, etc.
  • Reducing product return by offering virtual try-on’s
  • Cost-effective marketing techniques


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So, When Are You Adding a Bling to Your Business?

It’s time to increase your reach, and drive more sales by setting up an eCommerce store. Build it once and enjoy the rewards for years to come. However, building a store is not just about writing product descriptions and start selling, it requires a thorough plan beginning from research to forming a marketing plan.

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