Why Hiring a Certified Salesforce Developer is the Best Approach for Your Business

Yesha Bhatt

By : Yesha Bhatt

Why Hiring a Certified Salesforce Developer is the Best Approach for Your Business1

Think of building an application like building a house. The foundation of a house needs to be utterly precise.

If there’s rework and faults at this stage, the budget and timeline of the whole thing goes for a toss. And that is why you trust experts for this.

The same goes for developing robust applications on the Salesforce cloud.

It is an extraordinarily powerful platform but also quite challenging. To leverage it to its full potential, you need skilled developers on your side who know the ins and outs of developing advanced, scalable solutions.

This post sheds more light on why you need to hire Salesforce Developer for your project and how to get started with it.

4 Reasons to Hire Salesforce Developer


Build a Customized Solution as Per Your Needs

Every business has unique needs. In the same way, you would also have certain requirements in an application. For instance, creating a custom dashboard, modifying workflows, adding AI capabilities, adding new interfaces, to name a few.

All of these require learning and a very specific skill set. Requiring relevant skills takes time, and that may prolong the development process.

When you hire Salesforce Developer, they already have the skills and experience that can help you build a perfect solution that brings desired results.

Having a custom solution built around your business goals will affect your business positively in the long run.

Any Kind of Integration is Possible with Their Expertise

Salesforce has extensive integration capabilities. With Salesforce integration, you can bring together data from different sources like supply chain, ERP, etc.

By seamlessly connecting different systems, you can automate your business processes. And that way, you can improve productivity, get a comprehensive view of everything, and improve your decision-making.

A Salesforce developer can help you integrate all your third-party tools so you can access data from a single source. Their experience can help you achieve a new level of excellence while you focus on other crucial business operations.

Ensure Timely Delivery From Testing to Implementation to Maintenance

One of the biggest advantages of hiring a remote developer is the timely delivery of projects. The process of developing an application generally begins with formulating a strategy. Here you typically examine your competitors, understand users, etc.

Then the stage of analysis and planning begins. After finalizing the architecture, code is implemented. It is then followed by testing and enhancement. They dedicatedly work on your project to ensure quick delivery.

Get Your App Listed on AppExchange

AppExchange is a marketplace for all kinds of Salesforce products. It includes Salesforce applications, lightning components, consulting services, etc.

Firstly, to make your solution available to potential customers, one needs to be a Salesforce Partner. A Salesforce partner initiates the process by creating an innovative solution that improves business processes.

They can then register, and publish their solution on AppExchange. By hiring a Salesforce developer, you can build custom applications as per your business requirements. Then they can help list it on AppExchange.

That way, you can take your solution to the marketplace and monetize. A developer will not just assist you in building functional and feature-rich solutions but also help in updating them when needed.

At Biztech, we have skilled developers with sound experience in developing custom, secure, and scalable applications. Share your requirements with us, and we can help you get the right developers to help you with Salesforce development.


Apart from the above-mentioned points, there are several other advantages of hiring a certified Salesforce developer. It includes the following:

  • Increased ProductivityBy following the agile methodology of development, the developers you hire are highly productive. By focusing on small tasks with a fixed deadline, they are easily able to work efficiently as compared to prioritizing many different tasks.
  • Save TimeInstead of investing your time in a project, it is good to have dedicated experts working on it. Hiring pros who have the relevant experience in handling any kind of situation is always beneficial. They can deliver an error-free application on time and without any hassle.

Partner with Biztech to Hire Salesforce Developer

We have dedicated Salesforce Developers who can help you with your project. With all technical expertise, including JavaScript, Apex, web services, system integration, Salesforce’s Lightning Component Framework, VisualForce, etc. build custom applications.

Our developers have experience in building feature-rich applications on Salesforce for business of all sizes, and across varied industries. Our domain expertise includes the following:

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud – Grow your business by centralizing your sales process into one integrated platform.
  • Salesforce Service Cloud – Provide 24*7 service to your customers using AI powered chatbots, and such.
  • Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud – Simplify different aspects – fundraising, grantmaking, marketing, etc. of your nonprofit organization.
  • Lightning Component Framework – Enhance the user experience by relying on experts who have in-depth knowledge in the framework.
  • Visualforce – With expertise in the component-based UI framework Visualforce, build custom user interfaces that are dynamic.
  • Pardot – Using B2B marketing tools like Pardot, you can automate your businesses’ marketing to attract potential customers, and close more deals.
  • Apex code – Custom develop web services, themes, etc. with help of our developers.
  • Heroku – Leverage Heroku to store customer data, develop and deploy apps, and deliver a great user experience.

To deliver the best solution, we follow development methodologies like Agile-Scrum, iterative waterfall, and such. You can also rely on us for any kind of performance or security audit. Additionally, we deliver full-range support and maintenance services.

Over to You

Partner with seasoned experts to build robust applications, and achieve all your objectives. For 15+ years, we have been helping businesses across the globe develop cutting-edge applications. We have three certified Salesforce developers with all the required skills who can help you with Salesforce custom development. Tell us about your project requirements, and see how our Salesforce developers can assist you!

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