Optimizing Flag Manufacturing: Intervlag's Digital Transition with an Upgraded Odoo Website


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Intervlag is a recognized flag manufacturer, situated in the heart of Rotterdam, Netherlands. Offering a wide spectrum of specialized flags ranging from small facade flags, beach flags, to company flags, they have secured their reputation in the industry. This requires an effective channel to reach and broker with these resellers, which presented a clear need for a comprehensive and sophisticated web presence.

As their technology partner, Biztech embarked on a mission to revamp Intervlag’s company website to align it better with their complex workflow and evolving business requirements. The project involved migrating their existing Odoo website from its earlier version to a newer one, enhancing the overall usability and performance. It was an intricate process, considering the need for new features and customizations aligning with Intervlag’s unique service offerings. Ultimately, the goal was to create a web platform that not only streamlined their business operations but also improved customer interaction and service delivery.


Product Configuration


The need to build a product configurator in Odoo 13 presented challenges due to the altered product variant structure.

Shipping Complexity


Intervlag had a complex shipping process which required sophisticated calculations based on product availability and delivery dates.

Price Determination


The existing tool for determining the final price of orders had limitations in considering custom values.

Supplier Relations


Communication with suppliers was a painstaking process, which needed to be streamlined and error-free.

Customer Engagement


Intervlag required a mechanism to enhance customer loyalty and engagement, particularly through rewarding customer turnover.

Weather Tracking


Ensuring optimal flag durability required knowledge of the weather conditions, which was hard to obtain and deliver to customers efficiently.

Technology Stack

  • Odoo
  • tech-section-python
  • xml_logo
  • Sass


Product Customization

Product Customization

A new product configurator was built to allow customers to customize their flag orders with ease and precision.

Shipping Simplification

Shipping Simplification

The shipping process was made more straightforward through the integration of the DHL Parcel Shipping extension.

Price Calculation Tool

Price Calculation Tool

A new tool was created for precise calculation of final order prices, taking into account custom values.

Supplier Portal

Supplier Portal

A dedicated supplier portal that enabled quick and accurate communication of requirements to suppliers.

Loyalty Program

Loyalty Program

A customer loyalty program was implemented to reward customer turnover and promote engagement.

Weather Integration

Weather Integration

BetterWeather API integration offers real-time, location-specific weather information for appropriate flag usage.



Biztech transformed Intervlag’s online presence by upgrading their website and implementing new, tailor-made features. A product configurator allowed precise flag customization for customers, while the integration of the DHL Parcel Shipping extension streamlined the shipping process. The new calculation tool improved pricing accuracy, and the supplier portal facilitated seamless communication with suppliers. These enhancements by Biztech have significantly improved Intervlag’s operational efficiency and customer service.

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Enhanced Configurator

The new product configurator enabled customers to define their flag specifications more precisely, thereby improving order accuracy and customer satisfaction.


Simplified Shipping

The revamped shipping process, along with automated pricing calculations, improved the ordering process, leading to increased customer satisfaction.


Accurate Pricing

The new calculation tool allowed for more accurate price calculations, increasing customer trust and enhancing Intervlag’s market reputation.


Efficient Supplier Communication

The supplier portal facilitated quick and accurate communication with suppliers, improving supply chain efficiency and reducing errors.


Improved Customer Engagement

The customer loyalty program enhanced customer engagement and contributed to an increase in repeat business, thus driving sales growth.

Words That Make An Impact

Words That Make an Impact

We use Odoo ERP to manage operations more efficiently and maintain productivity in our company. Initially, we worked with other companies for our Odoo requirements, but haven’t got the result that we were seeking. Finally, we entrusted Biztech with managing Odoo ERP for our company. Biztech understood our requirements aptly and helped us achieve the results that we were looking for. I found Biztech very different from other Odoo Developers. Biztech was very well-prepared for our needs and understood our requirements very well. I believe having Biztech on our side means we can grow faster and more efficiently.

Robbert Morgan
Robbert Morgan
CEO - Interflag
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