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Enviro360 is a waste management application specifically designed for the construction and infrastructure sectors. It provides on-site management of bin allocations. We developed the Enviro360 application to help MacRail deliver a smooth, easy to use waste management solution to its customers. Multiple bins scanning is an added functionality to streamline the process of bin tracking. It is a unique digital solution for a sustainable environment.

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Project Overview

Enviro360 is an application designed to manage on-site waste in real-time. The client wanted a solution that runs smoothly and has a user-friendly interface. They needed to simplify the life of the operator by allowing multiple bins to be scanned at once. To retrieve stored data from the bins, an embedded NFC tag reader was the major requirement. And a virtual signature feature for authorization of bin allotment was another client’s prerequisite.

Features we added


NFC Tag Reader

Operators can store different bin status on NFC tags and use the NFC tag reader to retrieve the current bin status as well as past details. For example, a bin is assigned to site A and the status is set to empty. So if the operator wants to allocate the same bin to site B they can check the status of the bin using Enviro360. And thus by scanning the NFC tag attached to the bin, the operator can obtain the details of that particular bin. 

Virtual Signature

For projects that require the signature of the subcontractors, the admin will be able to turn on the Signature feature. Once this is turned on, subcontractors can scan their signatures for bin allotment and update the bin status.

Bin Management

To segregate waste on the basis of its type, bins are allocated to subcontractors by the admin. Using Bin Management, operators can manage bin allocation, deallocation, emptying. They can even see the total number of times a bin has been allocated or deallocated. Up of that, the Bin Inspection feature allows the bin status to be recorded. For example, while assigning a bin to a new site, the operator can check whether the bin is in the right condition to be used or not. It helps the operator and the admin to keep an overall track of the bins.

Offline Storage

Since the application is designed for construction sites, it is mandatory to have a system that would work smoothly even without internet connectivity. So we’ve configured the system to work in offline mode. Operators can scan bins and even set up their status without any internet connection.


The application allows the contractors to control the waste and cost of waste on the project site. It empowers the subcontractors to work diligently and grow their business. Overall, it’s a digital solution that supports a healthy ecosystem.


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