• AngularJS Application Design & Development
  • AngularJS REST API Development
  • AngularJS Cross Platform App Development
  • AngularJS QA and Testing
  • AngularJS Code Migration
  • AngularJS Support & Maintenance

Why Use AngularJS for Application Development ?

Leading Framework

AngularJS is a leading JavaScript framework for developing websites and web applications and is supported by a global community of enthusiastic developers. It makes sense to use the best.

Declarative Code Style

Declarative coding paradigm ensures that you write less code for achieving the same objective. With declarative coding you do not have to describe all the steps involved in an action, but only the end result.

Global Acceptability

AngularJS is increasingly being used globally for developing enterprise level applications and even hybrid mobile apps. More and more development frameworks and stacks are using AngularJS


MVC Architecture

AngularJS uses MVC architectural pattern according to which application logic, views and data and separate. MVC architecture helps create dynamic applications with minimal coding.

Single Page Applications

AngularJS is the most appropriate JavaScript framework for developing single page applications (SPA). SPAs use a single html page to create app that dynamically change as user interacts with it.


With AngularJS you can develop applications that combine different modules together. These modules can work together or independently. Modularity of AngularJS helps in developing dynamic apps.

AngularJS Development Services
We Provide

AngularJS Application Design & Development

We design and develop modern, feature rich web based applications using AngularJS. Get the power of leading frontend technology for your applications.

  • AngularJS Application Design

  • AngularJS Application Development

  • AngularJS One Page Application Development

REST API Development with AngularJS

We can use AngularJS to develop the front end interface of your RESTful API for your web applications.

  • REST API Frontend Design

  • REST API Frontend Development

  • REST API Integrations

AngularJS Cross Platform App Development

We also design cross platform mobile and desktop apps using AngularJS and other technologies like HTML5, Java, etc

  • AngularJS Cross Platform Desktop App Development

  • AngularJS Cross Platform Mobile App Development

  • AngularJS App Development With Ionic Framework

AngularJS QA and Testing

Our in-house QA team will conduct thorough testing of your AngularJS codes and unearth all the bugs you may have missed.

  • AngularJS Quality Assurance

  • AngularJS Testing

  • AngularJS Bug Fixing

AngularJS Code Migration

Having discovered the awesomeness of AngularJS, you want to migrate your application code base to Angular? We can do it at a competitive price!

  • Application Code Base Migration to AngularJS

  • AngularJS Migration to Angular 2

  • AngularJS Application Upgrade

AngularJS Support & Maintenance

We provide world class security, support and maintenance services for your websites, web applications and mobile application built with AngularJS.

  • AngularJS Application and Website Support

  • AngularJS Application Maintenance

  • AngularJS Application Security & Performance

Why Opt for Our AngularJS Development Services ?

Technology Expertise

Our web application development team is expert in multiple modern scripting technologies like AngularJS ensuring your application is developed the best the way possible.

Bespoke Solutions

Our solutions are fully tailormade to fulfill your unique project requirements, vision and deadline. We find out the best way to use AngularJS along with other Mean Stack technologies.

Cost Effective

Our AngularJS development solutions are tailored to suit your budget, without compromising on the quality of our services and the project deadlines.

Amazing Support

In the past decade Biztech has made a name of itself in the market for providing world class technology support that you can rely on.

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