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Why Use CakePHP For Application Development?

MVC Architecture

CakePHP follows MVC or ‘Model View Controller’ as its software design pattern. The MVC pattern divides your application into three major components and allows for faster and better performing applications.

Plethora of Plugins

If you you use CakePHP, you can easily extend your project with plugins. It allows you to create reusable code which can be used in multiple projects for specific functionalities, thus reducing development time.

Easy Configuration

With CakePHP, you just have to manage the database connections settings. Apart from that, there isn’t any part of code or configuration for which you need to state the location of the library or the specific url of the website.


Object Relational mapping

Object relational mapping is a programming technique to facilitate data conversion between incompatible type systems in databases and object-oriented programming languages. It allows for faster application development.

CRUD Scaffolding

CRUD is taken from the main activities involved in most the web applications namely Create, Read, Update, and Delete. It’s useful as it gives you a preliminary view of your application in just a single line of code saving lot of time.

Compatibility With PHP

Although some developers believe that CakePHP works only for PhP4, it’s not true. CakePHP can be used both in PhP4 and PhP5. This compatibility is another reason why you should use CakePHP.

CakePHP Development Services
We Provide

CakePHP Application Development

Obtain high-end, yet cost-effective CakePHP web application services from us. These applications will have functionalities based on your requirements.

  • Custom Application UI Design

  • Custom Application Development

  • Application Security and Maintenance

CakePHP Website Development

We don’t just use CakePHP not just for developing Web applications. We also use it for developing static websites that are secure, responsive and fully customized.

  • CakePHP Website Design

  • CakePHP Website Coding

  • CakePHP Website Maintenance

CakePHP Ecommerce Development

Want a fully custom developed ecommerce store? We can make one for you one using CakePHP. Absolutely ideal for online retailers with specific requirements

  • Ecommerce Store Design

  • Ecommerce Store Development

  • Ecommerce Store Security & Maintenance

CakePHP CMS development

Content Management Systems are most effective when they are tailormade for organization. CakePHP experts at Biztech make the most out of this virtue.

  • CMS Application Design

  • CMS Development

  • CMS Security & Maintenance

CakePHP Application Integration

We can integrate your CakePHP application with other systems like CRM, ERP, Accounting, MIS, etc to help you derive maximum benefit from your application.

  • CakePHP Sugar/Suite/Dynamics CRM Integration

  • CakePHP Odoo ERP Integration

  • CakePHP QuickBooks Integration

CakePHP Customization

You might already have a CakePHP based web application. And, you might just want to modify a portion of it. Our CakePHP Application Development team will do it for you!

  • CakePHP Application Customization Services

  • CakePHP Website Customization Services

  • CakePHP Plugin Customization Services

CakePHP Plugin Development

CakePHP plugins are crucial when you want to extend and implement certain functionalities. Get intuitive plugins through our CakePHP Plugin Development.

  • CakePHP Custom Plugin Development

  • CakePHP Custom Plugin Integration

  • CakePHP Plugin Maintenance

CakePHP Support & Maintenance

Our dedicated CakePHP developers ensure that your website and web application keeps working at optimum levels. Watch us getting to the bottom of every issue.

  • CakePHP Dedicated Support

  • CakePHP Application Maintenance

  • CakePHP Application Security

We Promise Cake Applications That Taste Better

Dedicated CakePHP Team

Right from the scoping stage until the implementation, our team of expert CakePHP developers keep engrossed in developing best solutions. Have complex projects? Bring ‘em on!

Extensive Experience

Biztech is blessed with a team of CakePHP experts having decades of combined experience. Since 2008, we have developed hundreds of websites and web applications.

Flexible Approach

Whether you are a small business experimenting with PHP or a business with enterprise level requirements, we have custom-built solutions for your needs.

Custom Plugins

Approach us to look at our large repository of custom made CakePHP plugins! You can use these for your projects and drastically cut down on development costs.

Our Work

Knowledge Bank

April 12, 2017

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March 29, 2017

Why Choose CakePHP for Web Application Development?

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January 24, 2017

What is CakePHP Framework and Why You Should Use It

CakePHP is an open source PhP framework for developing web applications. CakePHP lets you build these applications much faster and also makes your task simpler by minimizing the requirement of buildin...

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