• IoT Solutions Development with Thingworx
  • IoT Solutions Development with Ewon
  • Integration and Development on GE Predix
  • Custom IoT Solutions with Raspberry Pi/Arduino
  • Cloud Platform for IoT Solution
  • Analytics, Monitoring and Alerts Against Your Data
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Why Are Businesses Adopting Industrial IoT?

Making Machines Smarter

Industrial IoT makes businesses harness the power of machine-to-machine (M2M) communication and data gathered from sensors to make machines smarter.

Industrial Automation

Industrial IoT technology has helped industrial automation evolve to the next level by making sensors communicate with each other and share data.

Process Efficiency

Industrial Internet-of-Things is an opportunity for business to become more profitable by making various industrial processes more efficient.

Less Scope for Error

With machines capturing data and communicating with each other, there is less dependency on human beings and hence less room for error.

Predictive Intelligence

With Industrial IoT it is possible to develop predictive maintenance technology that takes automated action based on data monitoring and analysis.

Better Operational Intelligence

With the help of mobile devices, custom developed software and interconnected machines, it is possible to make sure the right operator gets the right information at the right time.

Industrial IoT Services
We Provide

IoT Solutions Development with ThingWorx

ThingWorx is the world’s leading IoT development platform. We work with development tools and capabilities of ThingWorx to develop powerful Industrial IoT Solutions that can transform your business.

IoT Solutions Development with eWon

eWon is the world’s leading provider of Data Gateway and Industrial M2M Routers. At Biztech, we develop IoT solutions using eWon data gateways to make remote access a breeze for your industrial machines.

Integration and development on GE Predix

Predix, a division of GE provides cloud based Industrial IoT platform. Depending on your requirements we can also develop IoT solutions for your business using GE Predix platform and industrial apps.

Custom IoT solutions with Raspberry Pi/Arduino

If you can’t afford enterprise grade tools or software, we also provide the option of IoT development services using affordable hardware and software platforms like Raspberry Pi and Arduino.

Cloud platform for your IoT solution

For those of you who want your own custom developed Industrial IoT Cloud for communicating with your machines and processing data, we can develop your very own cloud infrastructure as well.

Analytics, monitoring and alerts against your data

At the heart of every IIoT service we provide lies the custom developed software and analytics tools that make use of the data collected from your machines in the form of business insights.

Why Opt for Our Industrial IoT Services

Reliable Hardware/Cloud Platform

All out IoT solutions make use of world class hardware and cloud platforms, giving you the best solutions that your business deserves.

Bespoke Solutions

Even if we use generic tools and platforms, all our solutions are customized to meet your unique business requirements.

Cost Effective Solutions

If you want a world class IoT infrastructure, but don’t have the resources that large enterprises are blessed with, you can count on us.

Amazing Support

In the past decade, Biztech has made a name of itself in the market for providing world class technology support that you can rely on.

Our Work

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